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Traktor slowing music down suddenly whilst playing a set

blzkn Member Posts: 5 Member

Hey there,

Before I start, I'd like to mention I have followed all of the Windows Tuning Tips recommended by NI, and I only use my laptop for DJing.

I'll be in the middle of playing a set, and all of a sudden my music will slow down in playback speed and distort. It's like someone dropped the tempo down to half its original speed, and the only way to fix it is to open up my settings, change the Audio Device to something other than my controller, and then switch it back. It's an absolute nightmare when you have a dancefloor going and suddenly the music distorts weirdly and cuts out, as it completely kills the vibe and almost sends me into a full anxiety attack.

I've been having this issue for the last week, since I updated the Traktor S2 MK3 firmware and the hardware drivers for Traktor Pro 3. I didn't have this problem before, and was able to have my latency as low as 256 comfortably. I have it at 1024 currently, and this does seem to help with the issue, but it doesn't prevent it completely. I have zero idea why this is suddenly a problem, my laptop is more than capable of handling live audio processing (it's a HP Omen 16-c0009na that's a couple of months old). I'm running a fresh install of Windows 11 and I've removed basically everything other than Traktor and my music collection from the SSD.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX


Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the issue and how I could go about fixing it? Any advice would be great, thank you.



  • blzkn
    blzkn Member Posts: 5 Member

    Huh, I was still on 3.5.X, I just updated to 3.6. I'll play it by ear for now but is it possible that was the cause of the issue? The software hadn't given me any problems up until I updated my controller firmware.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
    Tellmeaboutit123 Member Posts: 493 Guru

    I only say that as I’m getting a similar issue on 3.6, which I’ll contact support about.

  • blzkn
    blzkn Member Posts: 5 Member
  • JaySea
    JaySea Member Posts: 1 Member

    Same problem. Updated to 3.6 today and 20 mins into a mix both decks are stuck playing super slow - they sound like a robot voice. Processor is hardly having to work so it’s not that. No other background software running.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,525 admin

    Hi @JaySea do you happen to use Maximizer when the decks are stuck? Our Traktor support team is gathering info on this issue atm. If you can get in touch with us by completing a form on this page here that would be appreciated!

  • blzkn
    blzkn Member Posts: 5 Member

    Update: I uninstalled the ASIO driver for my S2 that I downloaded and it seems to have fixed the issue, I'm just using the standard driver now. Will report back if I have any further issues.

  • DJDL
    DJDL Member Posts: 58 Helper

    I've used 3.6 for five long sets so far. About 30 minutes into one of those gigs, deck B was playing a track and all of a sudden it started speeding up to about 200 bpm (I don't recall doing anything to cause this. I was prob browsing or using the preview player on the S4). I tried to stop it and it jumped back down to normal 120, but would not stop. Pressing play or cue would make it speed up crazily again. Luckily I had Deck A ready and started playing from that right away, but I could not recuperate Deck B at all. Had to quit and relaunch Traktor for everything to go back to normal. It hasn't happened since (roughly 5 hours of playtime so far). I have to say that the exact same thing had happened once or twice before, on different versions (around one or two years ago). But it has been an extremely rare issue for me - nothing to post about. Never happened again til now, fresh into 3.6. Hopefully this is still as rare as before.

  • djsubculture
    djsubculture Member Posts: 47 Helper

    Is this issue only with controller users or has this happened with DVS?

  • DJM (Sagar)
    DJM (Sagar) Member Posts: 45 Helper

    The recommended drivers to use for Windows with the MK3 controllers are the Windows WASAPI drivers in exclusive mode and not the ASIO drivers. I'm surprised folks have been using ASIO through Windows 10. I had so many problems with ASIO and S4MK3 at launch, I learned it the hard way.

  • blzkn
    blzkn Member Posts: 5 Member

    The Windows Tuning Tips page by NI recommends using ASIO drivers over the WASAPI drivers. It's not exactly made clear.

  • DJM (Sagar)
    DJM (Sagar) Member Posts: 45 Helper

    Yes. It's not helpful and I find that post is quite outdated. The sound issues on Windows have not been nearly as bad as that article makes out to be since Windows 10, 2019. Also, that post is generic to Windows laptops. Lastly, that post only really addresses one problem which is caused by latency. Your issue sounds alot more like a driver problem than a latency issue. That post should really have a recommended driver table rather than just saying - use ASIO.

    On the other hand the MK3 hardware posts or manuals always recommended WASAPI.

    Traktor is great because it gives a lot of flexibility but that comes at a price... This. Every user needs to ensure they get the combination of audio and hardware right.

    In my opinion and experience, the only thing that has spoilt my Traktor experience on Windows is background tasks. These are usually in control if everything is healthy on the PC. Last I had a problem, I discovered malware.

  • Rehobothdj
    Rehobothdj Member Posts: 3 Member

    I uploaded the latest version of Traktor last week. It worked fine till about the 3 hour mark when it froze. When I restarted traktor, it was a lot slower. I could not get it back to speed, but I made it through the evening in slow motion. When I got home I tried all the fixes mentioned here on this site and nothing worked. I thought it could be either the laptop, controller S4 Kontroller or the upgrade. I hooked up my old Toshiba with an older version of Traktor and it worked perfectly. Upgrades are killing me. I am going to try Virtual DJ on my DJ computer to see if it helps.

  • SteveKDJ
    SteveKDJ Member Posts: 132 Helper


    I have S2 MK3, and not long ago the NI experts officially recommended AISO, and said AMD processors don't like Tractor..

    (note: I can't afford a new one)

  • SteveKDJ
    SteveKDJ Member Posts: 132 Helper

    Sso Sorry TRAKTOR and no "Tractor" :(

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