Any ideas on lowering space occupied by large Symphony Series files?

Michael Edell
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I have several Symphony Series libraries. The program files occupy a considerable amount of space on my C: drive. The libraries are installed in separate hard drives on my Windows 10 PC. I have uninstalled the ones I seldom use, but I am still at 85% disk capacity on my main drive. Aside from uninstalling then reinstalling a specific series as needed, are there any other strategies to consider? Many thanks!



  • Simchris
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    Larger hard drive?

    uninstall apps not being used from apps control panel, do windows update files purge, teinstall any sound libraries to external drive that got installed to c drive, clear vache in web browser, check documents folder and move files to external drive, same with downloads, etc.

  • Brad Yost
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    The ENTIRE Symphony Series [NOT Symphony Essentials] collection takes up ~170.7Gb of library space (for samples) and since they run in Kontakt, and it (ONLY) is required/preferred to reside on the C:drive, with a combined (SAL executable & VST64 plugin) footprint of only ~200Mb, it may be that you have installed the LIBRARY samples on your boot drive inadvertently.

    Think about moving the sample library to an external or different drive.

    You will find articles in the Knowledgebase about how to do that safely.

  • dexl
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    How much RAM do I need to run the entire Symphony Series?

  • Kubrak
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    It deepends.... What do you mean by to run entire Symphony Series? By one patch from each Library, all patches from all Libraries, multiple instances, or what?

    You may need a lot of RAM if wanting to use many instruments in one project.

  • dexl
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    I am trying to load each library with all its patches, it seems 16GB will not be enough. There's no info on the product page regarding RAM system requirements to run this library. Or is there? Any workarounds or tips on how to load/work with such a huge library?

    Obviously, I won't be using ALL of it in the song, but I would like to have everything loaded to see what options I can choose from. Even with "purge all samples" it is too big to load.

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