Arturia Analog Lab V not showing up in Maschine 2 browser

Tim Hostetler
Tim Hostetler Member Posts: 21 Member

Hi guys, thanks to all of you in advance.

I just installed Analog lab v from splice, everything works fine except that I can't find presets and load them from the Maschine 2 browser. Does anyone know a fix for this? I've installed the resources on my D drive once, along with the 32 and 64 bit dll's to the default folder. When that didn't work I reinstalled v lab with its resources to the c program data folder, and then put the dll's in Maschine 2's vst folders. This still hasn't worked and I have let komplete kontrol standalone scan multiple times and still nothing shows up in the browser. I can still load the plugin and browse + load sounds inside of it, but it would really rock if I could load from the Maschine 2 browser.

I have the kk m32 and a mikro mk3. I'm on windows 11 with 64 bit processor.

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