[v1.2.0] [Unofficial] HXR-JAM: Ableton Live 11 Maschine JAM MIDI Remote Script



  • gummi
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    Hey Bobby - thanks for your help on debugging this! And also this is FYI for any other JAM owners who would like to get multiple units working with Live.

    I gave a couple thoughts for this last night and I'm afraid it is not that simple that I first thought since many of the scripts functionality is actually tied into Live's 'selected track' - which in this case would be shared property since Live only can have one selected track.

    Another possibility would be creating another script that would be just way simpler add-on script to complement the main HXR_JAM script's functionality with secondary JAM unit. This obviously would require bit of re-design of the script + I would really need to get another unit myself to be able to develop this.

  • gummi
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    Just as an update if anyone is wondering: HXR-JAM seems to be compatible with Ableton 11.1 as well. You may need to do the installation part again if you installed it to another location than Ableton 11.0 was.

  • Kaldosh
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    I fiddled a few times to get both controllers along as I have a apc40 and a jam and wanted them on separate 8track field but they indeed by default use the same areas. I am not very good at this but understood that both scripts are set to set the dialog boxes to track 1-8 by default and I could not manage to change it. The only way I found was to plug a controller after another and it worked but it is not a stable solution. Then was the option to purchase controller studio (which I can’t afford ) from Remotify as it offers the option to combine midi controllers but only if you generate your own custom script using the software as it cannot acquire an existing python script which is a shame but very promising. At the end of the day it just look like many guys hold a piece of that puzzle it will never be completed and those tricks will be well kept and held by those with technical knowledge or enough money. Though Controller Studio is definitely with the investment for this type of application. One day I’ll have my 32 track red box midi mixing desk 🤓

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    Hi all, for French-speaking users I have translated the user guide, available here.



  • gummi
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    Thank you Jean! Sorry to say but I can’t support you guys in French. :)

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    i take it you figured this out??

    On Reaper

    running 2 instances of maschineVST on separate tracks allows separation of Jam-controllers and dual use of audio.. with their separate channels etc (basically maschine X2)

    i suspect you just select the controller next to the Master volume top right... one of the controllers it would normally default to... the other needs to be selected *shrugs

    you can also set one maschineVST in wait albeit bypassed until you are ready to switch it in with a toggle(good for preloading)

    anyway it just works with reaper... i just toyed with it when i saw this post lol

    bit late on the reply.. ho hum

    Edit (im not using HXR jam script or nothing just plain Jane Reaper)

  • gummi
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    I just created new release version 1.3 including four new Japanese scales into PadMode and support for fine tempo adjustment with Shift button pressed. Both of these were user requests.

  • bobbyduracel
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    I did not entirely solve this issue... If I use the Jam next to the push2, they are individual units - at least for the clip focus (session mode) and the track volume faders - I get 16 tracks of levels and focus. I would be fine with "only" having track focus on a single channel, regardless of unit (to play with parameters of plugins, for example) as long as I could trigger 16 different channels in clip mode and 16 volume faders. I would just love for this to happen with two Jam units. I feel like this is possible, but I am a medical person... not a coding genius.

  • myalteredsoul
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    I just bought this script, but it does not appear to be working in Ableton 11. Followed directions for install. The script for my MK3 from NI works, but this script for the Jam does not.

    Waste of ten bucks, or am I missing a step not listed on the github page?

  • myalteredsoul
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    Nevermind. Figured it out. You need to download the Maschine Controller Editor Template from NI first and apply it. All working now.

  • sybil8
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    is this working for 13.3.3? doesnt seem to be....

    it works,,thanks

  • gummi
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