[v1.2.0] [Unofficial] HXR-JAM: Ableton Live 11 Maschine JAM MIDI Remote Script

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HXR-JAM - the unofficial Maschine JAM integration for Ableton Live 11

Release Dates:

  • 1.0 - 9.4.2021
  • 1.1 - 29.4.2021
  • 1.2 - 7.12.2021


By the time when Ableton Live 11 was released there was no information regarding the Ableton Live integration for Maschine JAM. So I decided to hack the script I used for Live 10 to work with the new Live version 11.


HXR-JAM provides you basic features for controlling your clips, mixing tracks and loading instruments/plugins:

  • SessionMode: trigger scenes/clips
  • SongMode: trigger cue points
  • StepMode/DrumStepMode: edit MIDI clip with note editing
  • PadMode: play MIDI notes with multiple layouts
  • LoadMode: load instruments/effects/plugins (Live devices, M4L devices, VST, AU, Live's UserLibrary), user configurable
  • MixerMode: mix volumes / pans for tracks
  • SendMode: mix sends for tracks
  • DeviceMode: control device parameters with touchstrips
  • other small things like change track color, mute/solo/arm tracks, change tempo...

How to get?

You can purchase the script from Gumroad https://gum.co/hxr-jam-11-r10

Installation should be easy for anyone previously installed MIDI scripts for Ableton - you extract the zip, copy the script folders under your Ableton installation and start up Live. Then you select the HXR_JAM for your Maschine JAM controller and you are ready to funk!

Updates & Support:

Official information about any new features / releases will be posted into this Native Instruments community thread. I will also send email to all customers via Gumroad after new releases.

If you purchase the current release - you will be automatically entitled for any upcoming releases but please note that officially this script is provided without any support and use is under users own responsibility.

In case you find any bugs - please report those via github issues: https://github.com/haxor-music/hxr-jam-live-11-public/issues


In case you have any questions before purchase - please ask here or contact me at haxorroxor.com and I will try to answer your questions.

Old Discussion thread

The original thread for the script was created in old Native Instrument forum but that is now in read-only mode. All further discussions should be created under this thread.



  • gummi
    gummi Member Posts: 17 Helper

    Video: 30min JAM to create a track with HXR-JAM

    I just created my first video of the HXR-JAM usage with Ableton Live 11. Sorry about the ****** song but the idea was just to improvise and show off the features of HXR-JAM and what one can do with it. Any feedback is more than welcome!


    And in case you missed something then just go ahead and ask what happened and I will try to explain.

  • gummi
    gummi Member Posts: 17 Helper

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it for Mac only or does it work with Windows?

    Personally I only have Mac where I test the script but the functionalities are not OS specific so my assumption is that this should work with Windows too. And I've not received any bug reports regarding this either.

    Does this work with Logic/Bitwig/other DAWs?

    No - this is created only for Ableton Live 11.

    Can I modify the LoadMode to have my favourite plugins/instruments?

    Yes - this is the whole idea of the LoadMode to be customisable.

    Does the script include Isomorphic layout for playing notes?

    Yes - in PadMode you can browse through multiple different keyboard layouts - including Isomorphic layouts as well.

  • KIRI
    KIRI Member Posts: 34 Member

    this looks really interesting, would love to know how your Jam template compares to using Push 2. might get my old Jam out and give it a try!

  • Memetic
    Memetic Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Just wanted to say that this is a godsend and that I appreciate you! I have a few questions, but already I'm very pleased.

  • bobbyduracel
    bobbyduracel Member Posts: 27 Member

    Hey thanks! I just barely gave it a quick test-run, but it appears to function very much like the O.G. Jam script I used to LOVE. Every time I think my Jam is starting to get dusty, another update brings it right back out on my bench. Very cool.

  • gummi
    gummi Member Posts: 17 Helper

    Great to hear that you seem to like it. In case you or any other have any feedback of the script - I would love to hear what you like/don't like etc.

  • Elipsys
    Elipsys Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


    I would like to buy hxr-jam. But on the page https://haxormusic.gumroad.com/l/hxr-jam-11-r10 when I click on the buy this button there is the rectangle $ 15+ which turns red but I don't understand what then you have to do...

    thanks in advance

  • Elipsys
    Elipsys Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Finally I managed to buy this product on Gumroad. I didn't know that I had to determine my purchase price.

  • bobbyduracel
    bobbyduracel Member Posts: 27 Member

    First off, this product is bad ******$!!!!!

    Second, I somehow accidentally was able to get Ableton Live to recognize all of my controllers as separate entities... PUsh2, and two Maschine Jams... but then somehow I broke it. One had a pink ring, one orange, another was maybe Yellow... so I removed push2 and set up my "dual JAM" so I could test it before loading some "multi song sessions" to remix them together as a DJ set-ish... but now I cannot reproduce it! The strips will stay focused on separate zones, but now the pad matrix Focus mirrors both controllers. Dang. Any help is appreciated! Below is a clip of the moments when it actually worked.

    I will donate some $ to the cause for someone who can magically make this work permanently. The ability to run both Jams with all 16 strips and 128 pads unlocks something for me that is really special and long overdue. Thanks again!

  • bobbyduracel
    bobbyduracel Member Posts: 27 Member

    So far the only thing of note is my post above, and a private email to you (Sorry, realized the forum was easier AFTER sending the email w/ large video attachment). A buddy was on the line with me discussing how I'd move my collection of WIPs into a format to live mix them together, without losing "remix" or ability to improvise each track separately AND mix them together. Somehow when he asked if I could run dual Push2 units the spark lit and I jumped to my other desk, grabbed my two Jam units, and started tinkering. Any chance an easy fix exists to allow both Jams to be recognized by Ableton but ALSO remain independently focused on separate areas of 8 tracks?

  • gummi
    gummi Member Posts: 17 Helper

    Hey Bobby - I just replied to you via PM. I like the idea to be able to support multiple NI JAM units but since I only own one - it is kinda hard to test it out. I got an idea how it should work so lets try to see if you get your setup working with that.

  • bobbyduracel
    bobbyduracel Member Posts: 27 Member

    Thanks for the PMs. Troubleshooting as we speak.

  • bobbyduracel
    bobbyduracel Member Posts: 27 Member

    This is a screenshot of the desired behavior- but in this screenshot the pink focus box is Push2 and the orange is Jam.

    By totally/purposefully mucking up the midi settings I can get all three boxes to re-appear now, but the other Jam unit which is incorrectly routed to Push2 assignments does not behave correctly. I cannot move focus, bc that triggers scenes... and the strips do not function. I'm sure this is no surprise, but at least I did get it to "see" the other unit.

  • bobbyduracel
    bobbyduracel Member Posts: 27 Member

    this is two Jams... oddly... working? further detailed info in PM. just wanted anyone else who may be curiously watching to know that it seems to maybe work!

  • bobbyduracel
    bobbyduracel Member Posts: 27 Member

    and it stopped. jeebus.

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