Native Access 2 can't connect to internet after installation

melowaves Member Posts: 2 Noise

I just ran the Native Access 2 installer and was greeted with this message:

Clicking the Retry button does nothing. I'm stuck here. Has anyone else had this issue, and is there a known solution?


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  • melowaves
    melowaves Member Posts: 2 Noise
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    Thank you for the tips. Your VPN comment reminded me that I run Cloudflare WARP. Disabling it allows NA2 to work as expected. This is unfortunate, but at least I have a solution. For now, I'll disable it temporarily when I want to manage my NI products, but hopefully WARP will allow me to configure an exception for NA2.

    Thank you again. I'm looking forward to using the new version of Native Access. 🤘

  • Michael Scheurer
    Michael Scheurer Melbourne, AustraliaMember Posts: 6 Sine
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    Ran into this error as well, turning off Cloudfare WARP fixed it.

    NA Version 2.2.0 (b1e75cd / and Cloudfare Version: 2022.7.422.0 (20220801.16)


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