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Instant live Stems separation

Barbataz Member Posts: 4 Helper

Implement on-the-fly live stems separation technology in Traktor would be a killer feature.

It's a pity Algorithm or Atomix already did that whereas the stems concept was developed by NI.

NI's got the best DJing hardware on the market for that purpose.

With izotope technology, and the fact that computers nowadays have lots of processing power (such has the Apple M1 Pro or later), should make it possible to implement the feature.

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In Consideration · Last Updated

This idea is now in our roadmap.


  • DJ Avadhuta
    DJ Avadhuta Member Posts: 12 Member
    edited July 2022

    But I see it this way: If you change the type of Deck to Stems, and throw a regular stereo-track there, then it will be analyzed and split into 4 Stems channels. Perhaps its cache will be stored only in RAM or on disk until the next track is loaded, and then cache will be cleared. But so that this functionality is absent on a regular Track Deck and does not load the system when not in use. Thus, those who do not need this functionality will not feel an increase in CPU load.

  • Brad LeClair
    Brad LeClair Member Posts: 4 Member

    I see this is now roadmapped. It’s a great feature however the NI hardware to is a bit lacking here. I wonder if there is new hardware coming associated with more purpose-built stems mixing workflow. An isolate button a particular stem (ie Acapella) would be very desirable.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 607 Guru

    Check out Midifighter Twister. It is perfect controller for that.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 646 Guru

    Xone K1/k2 or Traktor F1 might also be a nice addition for controlling stems.

  • Terrordisco
    Terrordisco Member Posts: 29 Member

    The D2 has everything you need, I think. It's no longer in production but they should be cheap on the aftermarket (but maybe not for long)

  • J-New
    J-New Member Posts: 9 Member

    Love this. Also maybe instead of implementing "subscription" style costs you can make the Real Time Stems available with an F1 controller. That way NI gets paid, we don't get hated "subscription costs" and the user gets even more real time tangible contol over DJ sets.

  • J-New
    J-New Member Posts: 9 Member

    Yes, this is a solid idea on how to bring the Isotope product to market inside Traktor. Good thinking! the Isotope "good" quality can isolate stems almost in real time (better and best take longer), but those can come as upgrades come.

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