Tips: How to solve MIDI dropouts in Maschine when using hardware MIDI devices.

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On some Windows systems, it can happen that some hardware instruments connected to Maschine loose the connection intermittently, causing dropouts in the MIDI stream. If you encounter such issues, here is how to fix it:

Use the .reg files attached for disabling/enabling

You can also set the key manually as per the following:

Please open your registry editor by clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left of your screen and typing "regedit".

Navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments\Maschine 2

DisableTS / DWORD / 1 (MIDI Timestamping OFF) | 0 (MIDI Timestamping ON)

This will set timestamping on all physical ports.



  • Robert13
    Robert13 Member Posts: 19 Member

    Bump. The error is still there. When will it be fixed?

  • Isotoxin
    Isotoxin Member Posts: 123 Helper


    I wanted to ask, is this error is the same error when the Maschine application (with an Maschine MK3 HW) sometimes, at a very rare moments, just skips notes for example in an arpeggio 1/8 or 1/16 or patterns? Not drops, not glitches, but literally skips them for up 1 second.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    It's probably not the same issue, as this one is only happening when hardware synths or drum machines are connected. Yours seem to be different. If you want someone to look into it, please contact our Maschine specialists here:

  • Moonbot7000
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    So it's a maschine issue....controlling my hardware synths using Maschine as the router is causing hangs and has to be reset every few minutes making it unusable. Ill try the reg solution above but disappointed that this doesn't have an "official" update fix

  • tribepop
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    I haven’t encountered this yet but I also don’t control external synths in Maschine while running on a PC but I definitely will in standalone mode on the plus so is this a Windows only specific issue and not applicable to MacOS and the M+ (since it runs on Linux)?

  • The Widowmaker
    The Widowmaker Member Posts: 3 Member

    i love how the OP says some windows systems, since i have had maschine in 09 i have had 6 different windows laptops or computers and the same dropouts happen on each ranging from vista through 7 to 10

  • GoodMike1
    GoodMike1 Member Posts: 9 Member

    Hi there I’ve encountered the same problem, using my monoloque as a slave, I loose the midi connection sometimes, need to unplug and plug my device on.

  • Paullyboy
    Paullyboy Member Posts: 6 Member

    I dont believe it will ever be fixed, they literally dont care that they sold especially the maschine studio as being able to be centre of your studio. feel a bit conned because it clearly cannot route midi to other devices effectively.

  • Moonbot7000
    Moonbot7000 Member Posts: 61 Member

    @Jeremy_NI This did not solve the issue for me and happens so often Maschine is unusable controlling external gear, what the heck? can we get an official fix please? do you have any other recommendations???

  • Moonbot7000
    Moonbot7000 Member Posts: 61 Member

    @Paullyboy Im seriously considering switching to Akai, this is plain ridiculous.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Moonbot7000 If that didn't solve the issue, then please get in touch with our support agents:

  • alexrm1x
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    My input here:

    Definitively Maschine Maschine software has MIDI issues (external gear), at least under Windows.

    After the setup of different groups and patterns routed to HW devices, just playing any simple song with simple midi patterns and midi notes hangs after 30-60 seconds.

    I tried to sequence MIDI both using the MIDI cable connector interface built in the MK3 and also with devices that have their own USB cables. Nothing works.

    Same sequences and configurations with hardware synths and MK3 audio and midi interface fail in Maschine software AND WORK under Ableton Live (just Ableton Live, not using Maschine inside Ableton Live).

    So definitively there are issue with the Maschine software, not caused by MK3 unit, but caused by the software.


    I had a much better experience managing external gear that uses DIFFERENT MIDI channels, despite the synth/gear. That means that altough you can specify the GEAR in the output midi configuration in any maschine sound, using different MIDI channels for each gear has much better results and less hangs.

  • alexrm1x
    alexrm1x Member Posts: 9 Member

    CORRECTION of my post above:

    The issue does appear when using MORE than 1 Hardware MIDI OUT interface.

    So in my case, I'm just using only the built-in MIDI OUT connexion on the MK3 and then using MIDI cables cascading my two external synths (and being forced to cascade using THRU and using different MIDI channels for the external synths).

  • The Widowmaker
    The Widowmaker Member Posts: 3 Member

    been with maschine since it was born, ever since it could send midi it has had this issue - the fact you STILL have not fixed it is ludicrous

    the above hack is not a fix, it is very very sad that is the only option you offer - midi is in its 6th decade.....hello

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