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DJ Avadhuta
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Matched keys show, for example, 1m, 1d, 2m, 12m. But if you add the option of filtering by adjacent keys, then the following will be displayed: 1m, 1d, 2m, 12m and 6m, 8m.

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  • Demus
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    Basically, the dynamic playlist that Traktor DJ 2 already had. No need for playlist just load a track in any deck and the list would populate and it change as the track changes. I would have preferred this over the limiter and looper or drum machine.

  • shamoo!
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    Yes please. Its very hard to build smart playlist for ever OpenKey because of the limit of smart playlist rows and the adjacent key is not an current option.

  • MrCee
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    This is a must. AND / OR functionality first... "Is Matching Adjacent" so we can incorporate "Is Matching" with "AND Is Matching Adjacent" in the same Smartlist.

    I'm totally lost without this simple filtering function. I understand I can see matching adjacent keys across the entire collection, but this needs to be available in a Smartlist with AND / OR should we wish to include "Is Matching" with "Is Matching Adjacent".

    NI has built a key matching process ("Is Matching") one way and not the other. I'm a huge supporter of 'Adjacent' keys, especially when you use the technique of a custom map to globally shift all decks up/down a semi-tone. The possibilities are endless. I agree with the terminology/naming convention "Adjacent Keys"

  • MrCee
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    I thought I'd come back to this to see how this post is tracking.

    Adjacent kets were not fully represented in OP.

    1m Adjacent keys are: 5m, 6m, 6d, 7m, 8m, 8d, 9m. What you choose to do in pitch shifting is up to you.

    All compatible by 1 semi-tome they need to be represented in smartlist filtering with the option for AND / OR. They are all adjacent in a technically and it makes sense to include them all should any current track be pitch shifted up or down a semi-tone. I'm adding to this because I believe we need to see all options available which includes the OP, further filtering on the desired set of adjacent keys depending on your mixing style.

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    Thanks a lot for submitting this idea. Unfortunately it didn't receive enough votes over the allotted time. We're closing this post.

    Note that our ideas section doesn't reflect the Traktor team's backlog. Even if this idea hasn't been brought up to the team at this time, that doesn't mean it'll never be implemented in the future.

    For more info about how your feedback reaches NI, please have a look here.

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