Fix the time stretching audio algo/quality

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Well, basically everything is described here:

Please fix the incredibly bad time stretching audio quality especially noticeable in vocal parts.

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    even if i just do some baby scratches i can clearly hear artifacts. of course, if i really want to scratch, i take out the key lock, but it just doesn't work in the club during a set.

    it was just better before the integration of elastique 3.

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    Thank you for submitting this idea. Unfortunately it didn't receive enough votes over the allotted time. We're closing this post.

    Note that our ideas section doesn't reflect the Traktor team's backlog. Even if this idea hasn't been brought up to the team at this time, that doesn't mean it'll never be implemented in the future.

    For more info about how your feedback reaches NI, please have a look here.

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