More Colors for cue points

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not Only one color for cue point

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This idea has been reviewed by the TRAKTOR team. We will consider adding it to our roadmap.


  • Matt_NI
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    @JL THE DAQ I know this idea is quite straight forward but can you please try and follow our format for ideas:

    Please take the time to give us some context as to why this is important to you and why colored cue points are a key aspect of your workflow. To help you with that with have outlined this format in our guidelines:

    As a [...]: State what type of Traktor user you are.

    I want to [...]: Describe the task you want to perform. 

    So that I can [...]: Specify the goal you want to achieve. 

    Other users are free to chime in as well 😀

  • s4mk3
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    Blue - kick

    Green - still the loops and set them all on kicks

    Yellow (load marker) - snare (have to disable load marker function in settings)

    Orange (fade in marker) - jump points to further parts of the song if i want to get out it quicker (have to disable function in settings)

    White (beat grid marker) - so soon as I load track I know it's quantized. No white marker hot cue 1? live track

    I would like to use more colours for other things like offbeats, 4 or 8 bar intros..........

    I think this option would be best if you had an option in settings for standard or custom option. I'm sure there's others that are happy with the way it works now and don't want to have to change colours on the fly.

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    As a "passionate DJ world, having had the traktor s4 mk2, mk3 and the Z2, aspiring to play in front of crowds"

    I want "cue points with different colors"

    So that I can find my way around at a glance, without having to look at my pc. For example currently, a loop point will have the same color as a simple cue point. Maybe:

    White (beat grid marker) as currently Color to choose from a small color palette for the different cue points in order to have its own logic in our markers. Visual memory, technical memo etc...

    I hope I was clear and that my proposal will bring more punch to the workflow :-)


  • myalteredsoul
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    Custom colors is standard across both hardware and software platforms (Pioneer X/CDJS, Denon Media Players, Rekordbox, Serato DJ, and VirtualDJ). It is long overdue to have custom Hotcue colors in Traktor.

    All current Traktor (and some legacy) controllers have RGB pads, so it seems strange that it was never implemented.

  • nickeedee
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    As a Traktor 3.7 user, mostly DJing Dum & Bass, and I want to be able to colour-code my cue points so that I know where the drop, breakdown, outro, etc. is and am able to cue jump there.

  • nskcharles
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    As a hobbyist DJ

    I want to get more visual information from my cuepoints on the waveform

    So that I can quickly tell why I put them there

    This could take the form of:

    • Assigning colors to them
    • The option to display cuepoint text on the waveform

    This seems like a quick win

  • SueMixALot
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    This is a much needed feature/upgrade. How can a DJ remember all the cue points and what they mean for thousands of songs without some sort of visual cue?

    DJ_EATON Member Posts: 4 Member

    I switched to Traktor in 2016 from Serato after 6yrs and I've missed this feature everyday

  • Davero
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    Confirm - need this feature badly (alongside with hot-cues labels on the waveform).

    At the moment as a workaround I use Joe Easton mod, which allows to enter certain text as a label what produces certain color of the pad on S4MK3 (but it doesnt change the color of the hot cue on the laptop screen ofc). And it prevents me from using certain color with varied descriptions.

    I use it to mark mainly if my hot cue is on 1st, 7th, 8th beat and so on... I'd love to use more variety for other purposes but usability (even in the mod) is to limited to make it convenient enough.

    BTW. If anybody knows any other mode/software which can produce colored hot-cues in Traktor/Traktor-controller, please let me know :)

  • nickygdj
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    New types of Markers, Colors and features.

    Load AutoGrid:

    A New Marker that combines the potential of Grid and Load markers.

    Putting Load as the first AutoGrid can free up a button to also insert the Load (8 hotcues are a lot but also limited to only 8)


    New Icon and new colors x10

    Or Same Icon x 10 colors


    With the number of looped Beats highlighted

    Active Loop:

    A LOOP Marker that activates automatically (without activating Active previously)


    Colored markers active on the track but not recallable with buttons 1-8 (for exclusive use to mark parts on the track to remember something but not occupy HC buttons that could be used for something else)


    Ability to lock HotCues to avoid accidental deletion.

    - Blocking the accidental entry of new HCs on empty buttons (it could accidentally happen to insert new hotcues that we would then have to delete)

    - Reset HC function

    To remove unlocked Hotcues (therefore accidentally inserted and restore the values stored and validated with the lock)

  • nickygdj
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    a very good ideea

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