Python Script for Maschine Mk3 with Ableton Live 11

Mark Schultz
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Hi, I have installed and have functioning the remote control scripts for Ableton 11 from the Maschine mk3. I have the cheatsheet too. From where can I source the original python scripts? I am a python developer and would love to try to add a 'track recording arm/disarm' feature, if one hasn't already been implemented (in a version I don't have). Otherwise, Native Instruments, consider this a feature request.



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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Mark, I don't have any knowledge in the programming Python area, but this is what I got from one of our developers: "He could find the .pyc script we ship, decompile it, try to understand the script and have a look at the unofficial live midi script api." Some parts of the script might not be available (this would be a request to Ableton).

    You could also check this script from @Cakean, maybe he can also help you out and share some of his knowledge:

    I doubt there will be improvements regarding our script in the near future.

  • D-One
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    @Mark Schultz You can use uncompyle6 to very easily decompile any Ableton python script.

    Just head over to the folder you want and run:

    for f in *.pyc; do uncompyle6 -o . $f; done

    It will decompile all files.

    This is why all default scripts are available in GitHub repos. You can also find the unofficial documentation on Lives API here:


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