Option To Switch Between Minute Markers And Configurable-Width Bar Markers In The Miniature Waveform

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System Setup: Windows 10, i7-4790K, Traktor Audio 2 (Mk 1)

As a DJ who likes to do long transitions

I want to be able to set the evenly spaced markers in the mini waveform in the Track Deck to bar-based intervals (like one every 64 bars, or every 16) instead of one every minute

So that I can quickly see how many bars before the switch I need to start the new track and avoid having to guess whether a minute in this track is 64 bars or maybe just 56 or 48 and having to skip around or loop to get the tracks to line up perfectly

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  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thank you! We’re now tracking demand for this feature.

  • jacques
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    +1, absolutely a missing feature and would be a great addition to have even better prepared sets

    I solved this for me now by adding some placeholder cue points of which I always know the distance to each other, making it easier to know how many bars are left until reaching my final "outro" cue point

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