Downloading by Native Access is very slow

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Hi every body, I buy a new computer, i7, 64 G0 DDR4, inside has 1 SSD M.2 500 GO (Disc C), 1 SSD M.2 4TO (for the librairies), 1 SSD 250 GO, and 1 external hard drive 1TO (USB), when I'm downloading with Native Access, is very slow ? I have 2 GB/second of internet, but why I see that is downloading only 1mb per second? I'm downloading like 2 weeks 24h/24h and is not finish, why is so slow? when I download another files from example wetransfer, is very fast the download. What is the solution?

Thanks in advance for possible solution


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    In my experience, when NA download speeds are slow, that means you have an issue with your ISP's delivery to you. Sure, it could be something else, but in my experience, it's not usually the fault of Native Access unless there's a problem with the Native Instruments servers. But I can't even remember the last time I had a problem with downloads that wasn't being caused by my ISP.


    1. Your first post says nothing about your OS or the version of Native Access you are running. Please tell us that information.
    2. If you have access to, please get a speed test on your internet service. What is the ping? What is the down speed? What is the up speed?

    Let's start with that info and we'll see if somebody here has any ideas for you.

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