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wayfinder Member Posts: 321 Guru

Version: (Also happens in Release Version 3.5.3)

System Setup: Windows 10, i7-4790K, Traktor Audio 2 (Mk 1)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Click the # column header to sort by #
  2. Click the # column header again

Observed Result:

Nothing changes

Expected Result:

The list should be displayed in reverse order

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In Consideration · Last Updated

This idea has been reviewed by the TRAKTOR team. We will consider adding it to our roadmap. (TP-2189)


  • Jonas_NI
    Jonas_NI Product Team Posts: 127 mod

    I guess this is more an improvement request (already filled as such : TP-2189) but interesting that you see it as a bug.

  • wayfinder
    wayfinder Member Posts: 321 Guru

    Well, my thinking is, it works for the other columns, and I figure it's actually more work turning it off deliberately (and for what design reason? it doesn't make sense) so something must be going wrong.

  • SeulStizz
    SeulStizz Member Posts: 27 Member

    I totally agree. I am perplexed by this every time I accidentally try it and it doesn't work haha I just wanna see what I put in my track collection without going anywhere else.

  • DJ Jovani
    DJ Jovani Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    I really wanna this update in Traktor as well. I prefer to see my last tracks to be the first ones in the playlist. Please NI, make this happen pleaaaseeee :)

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