Unable to add a product by "Add Serial" in Native access.

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I have complete standard pack and few other products with knotakt 7. Today some of the products were gone, some showing as demo. When I try to add that through serial number in native access, it show you have successfully registered. But the product was not added to the library. Please help…


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    Try Jeremy_NI's : Kontakt libraries go missing in Kontakt and Native Access.

    else try the trouble shooter here : My Products Are Showing As DEMO in Native Access , especially '2. Your activation fails because of corrupted or missing
    activation tokens' and '3. You have corrupted XML files' (delete both NA XML and all offending product XML)

    If the above doesn't help then try Jeremy_NI's latest 'invention' : the replacing of the XML file.

    Quote Jeremy_NI :

    It looks like the Native Access.xml file downloaded by NA is damaged/incomplete.

    In this example it is missing the Kontakt 7 entries, please try the following:

    Delete the Native Access.xml in the following location and restart your computer and open NA

    Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center

    Mac: Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Service Center

    Repeat until the missing products reappear/the products in demo recognise their activation again.

    If this doesn't work, please download this zip file, unzip it and and replace your xml file with this one.


    Otherwise if problem persists then please contact N.I. Native Access and Installation Support

    At the page N.I. Native Access and Installation Support be sure to scroll down to page bottom to see if there is a log-in
    request , if there is then log-in , at next page again scroll down and small blue chat box ought occur within 15 seconds. Then write in chat box and when getting suggestions then select did not help when it didn't , that ought to bring you on to either chat with human or open a ticket. (You need to use a browser with Cookie , Security and Extensions settings that will allow for log-in on the page for the page to work)

    There has been introduced chat support for Native Access assistance (at least daytime on normal work days) :

    Please refer to the page : How to get in touch with our Customer Care

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