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Hi all,

The purpose of good UI is to create as excellent a user experience as possible within your website, and/or, in NI's case, within your products. The premise should be that the user and their experience comes first, second, third and everything but last in the designer's priorities. A good UI will enhance visits and make them more enjoyable and productive for the user and potentially more financially beneficial for the host company.

I think NI is doing a very poor job of this in a number of ways

NI does not listen to me. If I say I don't want cookies, I don't want cookies. Don't keep asking every time I swap a page. You can track me within your site on a per visit basis and destroy that information once I have left the site. Don't keep asking me on every page if I consent to cookies, because by the third or fourth page, you should know this and you're just disrespecting my visit by continually asking me.

NI doesn't make it easy for me. Don't hide the sections of your various websites. Make it so that your website navigation allows me to quickly and easily find the pages I'm looking for. Don't hide your blog behind 3 different pages, none of which are useful to me and each of which asks me, again, whether I consent to cookies (which I don't thank you very much). By the time I've waded through that swamp I'm probably not interested in anything your blog has to say any more (which is a shame)

NI doesn't treat me with respect. Don't ever, ever, ever automatically update my applications without my permission and without enabling me to refuse the update. NI has a very poor track record of creating software that is just damn damaging for some systems. I know that one of my computers has already fallen off the back of NI's 'give a monkey's' wagon, but some updates are helpful and, amazingly, still work on my machine. Which is nice because I paid a lot of money for them. What doesn't help is Native Access updating itself every time I open it because NI can't write code that detects that I am using an operating system that its new version isn't compatible with.

NI's applications disrespect me. Native Access now opens with a pile of ads that I don't want and aren't any use to me. NI gives me no option to change this and is essentially pimping me every time I try to update the products I already own.

So my experience of NI, as a user is that NI doesn't care about me, doesn't respect my time or my money and just sees me as an idiot with a wallet. I'm not sure that's the UI experience NI really wants.

Much love

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