LED brightness on AKAI APC Mini mk2 controller

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Hey, everybody.

I'm trying to map an AKAI APC Mini mk2 as a controller for a step sequencer in Traktor Pro 3. Unfortunately I have run into a problem with reaching the maximum brightness for the LEDs in the buttons. As it is stated in the controller communication protocol, the complete control of the LEDs is based on a 3-byte instruction, but Traktor can't send it. So the LED brightness is set to a normal level (normal is 90, highest is 96) and Traktor only defines the color through its 1-127 scale. I tried to find the mentioned 3-byte instructions in the TSI file using cmdr, but they are not there.

Can you think of a way to communicate this brightness instruction to the controller? For example, is there another way to open and define the TSI file? Or could some additional midi interface between Traktor, computer and controller be the solution?

Thanks for the advice or ideas.


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