Midi sync - Maschine and Traktor

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So I am new to both Maschine and Traktor. What I am trying to achieve is to send midi signal to Maschine from Traktor to get it synced with the bpm I am running in Traktor.

I used this instruction: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/209590629-How-to-Send-a-MIDI-Clock-Sync-Signal-in-TRAKTOR

I got this to work. But, is it really working as it suppose? The only way to get Mashine to start is to press the "Midi play button" in Traktor. (the one over the text "SYNC").

The problem is that I loose all control over Maschine. I cannot start, stop or interact with it in the Maschine MK3 kontrol (nor in the software).

Is this really how it suppose to behave? I guess I am doing it wrong and hope for a solution from someone...

Thanks in advance!


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