How to record my DJ set on traktor pro 3 with the mix recorder using CDJ 900 + DJM 900 nexus

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for opening up a thread that might already be in this community but after searching a different bunch of keywords i was unable to find the answer i needed.

I want to record my DJ Set using Traktor pro 3 in built mix recorder function (tape symbol or you guys can suggest another way) using my cdj 900's and djm 900 nexus mixer. i am using a windows 11 computer.

when i click record button on traktor pro 3 it doesn't capture what is playing on deck a or deck b. the output file is just silence. i don't know what i'm doing wrong but i'm sure it is one small setting that i just cannot figure out.

basically i want to hear my mix on my studio monitors and through my headphones and eventually have the mp3/wav file of my set be recorded and available for playback later.

please advise and let me know what settings i need to have or if this is even possible.




  • lord-carlos
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    Never had a DJM, but it should go something like this:

    It's an external mixer, so you need to tell it to send it's master/recout signal back to the computer. And then in Traktor map those channels to a deck. And then select that deck in the mix recorder settings.

    With the DJM util set it up so that one of the return channels is rec out.

    Should look similar to this:

    Then in traktor input routing set those two channels from above ^ that carry the "rec out" signal to a deck.

    In the mix recorder settings select external and the deck you mapped it to:

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