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    Yes. You can use Locate to point at them, NA on the second computer will simply authorize them, programs (Maschine, Kontakt, Komplete Kontrol,…) will build their databases with those infos and they will work. No need to redownload nor reinstall

  • Simon A. Billington
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    Hey, yo, @Hayo_NI

    How will you be approaching the iZotope and PA integrations?? Will it also cover the 3rd part developers under the Plugin Alliance moniker?? 🤔

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    Did I miss something ? What is this idea of being obliged to be constantly online to authorize NI plug-ins ?

    If this is really a work in progress project, it’s pure madness. I use a lot of NI plugins on stage, and being online is an absolute no go ! It’s basically IMPOSSIBLE. And it’s not like I can just decide to use other synths because I want to boycott NI : when a whole set is created with NI synths or kontakt instruments, you can’t just find alternatives, like changing an eq. Like many other users, I’m trapped in the NI ecosystem. I guess the only solution would be piracy (in order to use tools we paid for).

    please check the Reason solution to this. I don’t mind being obliged to connect each month or each year to authorize, but constantly is just a no go.

  • Uwe303
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    You do'nt have to be online all the time, you authoriz e a product once and that's it.

  • Hayo_NI
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    Hey, apologies for being out for a while. Back for another few days!

    We discovered a bug where a completed install would stay rendered on the UI, but not in this way. Could you DM me with steps on how you got there and your system environment (which version of mac/windows, native access version, etc.)? We'll take a look. DM me the daemon.log file as well!

    If it's Windows, then this is normal, installations take a long time unfortunately. We're working on that with the installer tech stuff, but it'll take a while.

    Thanks for highlighting!

  • Calagan
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    Mmm. Yes re-reading the whole thread, I don’t see from where this conclusion comes. There are some confusing statements, but the most confusing come from personal interpretations. Sorry to add to the confusion…

    could we have some official statement about that, so we are all sure it’s not a plan ?

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    From Hayo_NI himself:

    "Hey Jojo, loads of stuff to unpack so I'll try my best here. When you're setting up your music production/performance suite through Native Access, you'll need to be online. After a successful download, installation, and activation, if you're not a subscriber, you're good to go. You shouldn't need to be online any longer.…"

    Seems pretty clear to me? Unless you're on a subscription plan you don't need to be online after the products are installed and activated.

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    Yeah, the "way" will be to buy a new computer. Be honest, NI doesn't give a rat's ass about regular folks like me, even though I've spent a ****** load of money on your products over the years. All you care about are Pros.

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    Hello, I am an older user not up on computer coding and programming of modern systems. People like me need tutorials. If NI will never ever have a live technician on the phone to answer specific questions about how to use the products as designed than can we get some step by step tutorial videos to address our work flow ignorance ? Been a musician for over 50 years. I compose music the old fashion way with paper and pencil. Thought the products could enhance my musical compositions but am having a very difficult time totally grasping the ability to use NI products without tearing what little hair I have left on my head. We need tutorials !!!
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    There are plenty of manuals & tutorials, both on Native Instruments website and from other sources too. Literally, thousands! :-)

    Here, for example, are all the Native Instruments online manuals:

  • Hayo_NI
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    Hey, I acknowledged this already in another comment. Read my response there!

  • Hayo_NI
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    There's loads of tutorials available already, but I hear ya! A core goal for us is to frontload those resources. One way we will do this is by making use of the announcements section. This will help push some resources that might be relevant to you.

    When I check in in the future after this has been live for some time, I'm really eager to hear whether we're delivering on this goal then!

  • Hayo_NI
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    Hey, good question. iZotope product migration is very much in the works. We're working towards making sure iZotope and Native Instruments accounts can both log into Native Access, and after that, iZotope users should be able to make full use of Native Access. That's slated for late May/early June, but there's loads that still needs unpacking. There's other amazing stuff in the works soon, so keep your eyes out for that this year.

    Regarding PABX, similar story there, but while we have some iZotope products already available in Native Access, we have no PABX products. Problem blocking us there is installer technology differences, the kinks of which we're ironing out right now and throughout the rest of the year. We plan to have a few made available in Native Access this year, but cannot give an exact ETA at this stage.

    The experience will be very much Native Access oriented by the end of this quarter for the products that are supported in Native Access. But we need to navigate a lot of topics (such as iLok) as we continue to make Native Access a better home for all NI products from all of our brands. Firmly committed here, but it's an ongoing journey.

    Think by the start of next quarter I'll be able to give better updates on this topic.

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    I do not like that NI is removing our ability to register older products. It makes me want to not buy NI products anymore.

  • Simon A. Billington
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    Yeah that does suck. But this kind of thing has been happening all throughout computer history so it is hardly unique.

    It just gets too time consuming and increasingly expensive to keep maintaining old products. An expense that will be passed back on to the user. Usually I find that most software and plugins versions have about a 5 year span for support, or thereabouts. Beyond that we need to update to something more recent.

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