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    True, but the keyboard has been working up until the update yesterday, so it's been fine in Sonoma before this
  • reffahcs
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    You will probably get more help starting a new thread in the Komplete Kontrol section rather than tagging on to a thread about Native Access.

  • Uwe303
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    Could the update maybe have reset some security settings?

  • zassimo
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    > @reffahcs said:
    > You will probably get more help starting a new thread in the Komplete Kontrol section rather than tagging on to a thread about Native Access.

    Ah good point. I've not been on here before - will do!
  • Apiary
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    Thats all great but are we just talking about a program that downloads programs for you? like, who cares really (native access works fine for me, i install it where it says, i do what it says). Give us a download manager, or send us package install links, it's not what i want to be hearing if im honest. I want to hear about the new synths, I want to hear how Maschine 2 is going to become a modernised maschine 3 and be the best thing in existence. I want to hear there will be a Maschine Jam style interface and how that is going to be the best thing we've ever seen. I want hardware samplers to compete with Elektron and Oxi One, I want US to be on the top again god damn it.

  • Fredric
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    I was curious how you can state that Native Access 3.8.0 is Sonoma compatible when my NA (3.8.1) does not work at all to do updates or install libraries? I had Sonoma installed before I purchased any NI products and have HUGE problems with NA. I can not use most of my purchased libraries because there is no way I can get NA to download/update my libraries... What is the timeline for getting NA working in Sonoma? There must be many customers with the same problem. I have Sonoma 14.3 at this point. Thank you!
  • db3
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    edited February 11

    I just want a simple installer/updater (no ads) ...and uninstaller! Please ensure there's a way to fully remove NI product files from your system. Also need to have a way to remove redundant listings for third party licenses in NI account so they don't appear in Access.

  • Keith Cocker
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    My NA works fine with Sonoma (14.3.1) . Computers eh!!!

  • tempsperdu
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    Maciej Repetowski

    I am not so optimistic as to if NI can pull through to that level of usability and UI in any given time, to be honest.

    Indeed, whilst it's good that development is actually taking place, it does look more marketability friendly than user-friendly. It's worth noting that UVI also have an exemplary support system rather than a seemingly non-existent one..............................


    Regarding the Announcements section, we’ve taken all of your feedback and our own learnings from its time on Native Access. While many of you have expressed interest in being made aware of ongoing sales, the general sentiment was for it to appear more muted, tasteful, and naturally within the app. Moving forward, we’ve established new real estate that we’ll be populating with more relevant experiences. We’re still working towards the types of content we’ll surface in this new real estate, so when we have a clearer strategy, we’ll be eager to fetch new feedback. Expect this to ship near the end of the quarter.

    How about allowing users to turn off all the marketing and advertising stuff. Some of us really don't want or need it. NA 1 worked well without it, and I don't recall anyone ever asking for advertising and marketing features in user requests.

    If users do want it, fine, but please give us an option to not have it. Shoving something unwanted in peoples faces is not really going to encourage them to buy anything, so where's the plus point?

  • Donkey Oaty
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    All sounds very positive and forward moving except the login issue. If I have to login to use products (or be online to use them) that'll stop me buying NI. I'm offline a lot - by choice or geoposition.

    I hope that's not going to be an issue :) .

  • Super8boy
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    Library relocation & missing files (either from migrating to another device or from using a different hard drive) is the real priority for many

  • Super8boy
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    @Hayo_NI can you acknowledge this?

    if Native Instruments go the UAD route, I will most likely sell off all my hardware and software as that would not be acceptable.

    leave us alone with ads too so disabling/enabling this is paramount (as a permanent setting, not every time you start the program thing as some Annoying antiviruses do…)

    this was very worded in the quote above :

    “I DONT want to be moved into a mandatory requirement to STAY ONLINE whilst using your products. This is NOT what I bought into. Again, no problems for the initial validating/authenticating process AND whenever I CHOOSE to go to NA and update stuff. This is a whole different matter to what Im talking about here. Also I DONT want my license to use your software, to be continually verfified by some demon using behind the scenes precious resources. For whose who've spent thousands to own a perpetual license this should be unnecessary whilst offline, which almost all of my activity is.

    As for ads - I dont want to see them. Why not put a small non intrusive button to access an area for that, as I suggested last time so people have a choice who find them annoying.“

  • Super8boy
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    Do you mean that if I have 2 computers, say a laptop for gigs and a desktop in the studio and I want to mirror all the installed libraries from the laptop (and its external SSD) and install them also on the desktop, I could use that locate feature on the desktop without having to redownload and reinstall everything?

  • tmpc
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    Not everybody needs the latest and greatest. With this move, you are screwing over people like me who are content using older libraries and computers. Thanks for boning me.

  • Sunborn
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    It is even better!

    If you choose from the start (before installation), your SSD drive (assuming is drive D:) as default location and you have exactly the same location routing on both computers (such as for example D:\Native Library), then you can plug your SSD instantly at will, without any "locate" or "relocate" at all!

    You will only need to do a locate once, at the first time that you will plug your SSD to your second computer. That's all. After that, it will be just plug n play, anytime, every time. ;-)

    It's one of the many benefits of installing on an external device. Of course we are talking about NI Libraries and Expansions, but it can also work perfectly for your Samples folder, Ableton or Cubase etc. projects, Midi files, Libraries by other apps (UVI, Korg etc) and many more things. As long as you keep the same folder hierarchy, always. For example, if you install your UVI libraries at D:\Studio\UVI on the first computer but at D:\UVI\Libraries on the second, of course it won't work.

    Of course, this will not work good for applications. No matter what others might told you, applications must be installed on the main drive, always. You can bypass it of course and do as you please, but it is 100% not recommended!

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