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I'd very much love if all of the NI products of partners would be available via Native Access. Just as Ozone 10 already is available in Native Access. And it works fine.

For the new VEA plugin you obviously need an iZotope account again. And now I have seen the interesting UVI Bundle but there you need a UVI account plus iLok protection software.

Can you tell if there are plans to make more partner products available over Native Access?

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    As I've been thinning out all my music production software over the past several months, whether or not a plugin can be managed in NA is factor in my decisions what to keep or purchase.

    I'll make exceptions ..... but I have greatly simplified my music rig "maintenance" and the kludge of "too many choices".

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    Izotope (Ozone) is now a NI company together with Plugin Alliance and and as far as I know then NI is working on an account unification of those companies with NI, which suggests that in the future you might be able to download the products from those companies in Native Access. However then to my knowledge then UVI is not a NI company and as such then even if considered 'Partner' still is to be considered 'third party' and it would be quite unrealistic to expect products from such partners to be native Native Instruments downloads ! Partnering as seen is generally used as promotional tool by at least one of the partners. That of course does not exclude the possibility that e.g. UVI will later become part of NI !

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    I agree with that.

    I even made a comment about how Izotope is basically the property of NI because a dude needed to contact Izotope support, then Jeremy said about my comment that I created a confusion with my comment or something...

    Of course, people at NI know what they are doing with the aquired things, unlike EA...for now.

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