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After saving enough money, I recently purchased the Komplete 14 Standard bundle (I am in high school). I had already bought a few things before, so I got the "Upgrade" version to only pay for what I did not have. When I went to use the products, everything that showed up said

"demo". After figuring out on my own that I had to activate it, the code that was given to me came out as "missing base product". So I did more research. One of the articles posted by Native Instruments has a chart showing what software can be upgraded to different ones.

This article was a bit misleading, leading me to believe that if I bought Komplete 14 Select, I could use the Standard version I had already purchased. So I invested the rest of the money into buying Select, yet when I tried the code, it said "missing base product" again.

I was very frustrated with the situation, so I took some time to open two support tickets with Native Instruments. One for my original purchase of Komplete 14 Standard Upgrade, and the second one for my purchase of Komplete 14 Select. Nl says that their team will reach out to you within 48 hours, but I have not gotten any response in 5 full business days.

My solution to this issue would be getting a refund for my two purchases, and then purchasing the correct thing. But I would be willing to be given a code for the "base product", instead of getting a refund.

Being a customer of yours for a while now, I have to say that I love the quality and sound of your products, but I have to say that I am a bit disappointed with customer service. What should I do?

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  • William L.
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    I went to my account page and found that I had not activated "MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 Collection R2". When I activated it, I tried the Komplete 14 Standard Upgrade code and it worked! Thank you for being so helpful! Now I am waiting for a response from NI so I can get a refund on my Komplete 14 Select purchase that isn't necessary. Thank you again, have a great day.


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