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NTK daemon did not install when installing Native access and so I was wondering where to download NTKDaemon ?



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    What mykejb links to is old versions of the NTKDaemon.

    Since you are on Mac and I have no knowledge about how the software works on Mac then I couldn't say. (Edit : see below P.S.)

    But for Windows then one just download the Native Access installer , then using a good un-zip program then right click the installer and choose to extract the installer , then when that is extracted then go to the directory of the extracted files : \$PLUGINSDIR\app-64\resources\daemon\win , and there is the Daemon installer for Windows !

    It is possible that you could do something similar for Mac , but me not having Mac I can not say ! (Edit : see below P.S.)

    With respect to Mac then it is most important that you grant full disk access for all NI apps including the NTKDaemon ! : How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS : https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/4415601248657-How-to-Enable-Full-Disk-Access-on-macOS !

    Otherwise you can reach support here who can provide you with an installer or a solution for your problem !

    P.S. :

    Care should be taken when attempting to unzip the '4' part of the files as that apparently can make the zip program respond a bit strange!

    In the Native-Access_2_Mac_M1 file then if you both un-zip that file and the '4' then the Daemon installer (NTKDaemon Installer Mac.pkg) is located in the location 4\Native Access 3.8.0-arm64\Native Access.app\Contents\Resources\daemon\mac

    Same goes for the Native-Access_2_Mac_Intel : \4\Native Access 3.8.0\Native Access.app\Contents\Resources\daemon\mac

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    oops .... I loaded that on my Mac mid-Dec and it fixed all the NTK permissions and restarts. Wonder if it got updated automatically after I installed it? I should probably check :)

    -- Mike

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    Yup, it's been updated now. I think I installed it because I was in the "application setup/install dependencies" loop and once it was installed the latest version downloaded and installed. So as @PoorFellow says, you need another source for the up to date one.

    -- Mike

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    Everytime I speak to Apple, they tell me get rid of NKTDeamon, it is a real CPU hog. I deleted it, Mac improved dramatically.. Now I'm trying to install some NI library. I had removed NKTDeamon. Now I can't find it on the web anywhere except for 3rd party people SELLING it. I downloaded it 2 years ago, but can't find any link to it now. Search all over NI site. Response always is 'Not Found'.

    Anyone have a link to download it. I left a message with NI tech support, but no answer yet. Mark Styles

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    Apple says nonsense. Plain and simple. They are responsible for tons of incompatibilities, yet they judge a program that, in my Windows uses 0 to 1% CPU and 25-30 Mb of Memory!

    Anyway... NTKDaemon is included on Native Access setup. So, just reinstall Native Access and it will be there.

    Oh, by the way, it is NTKDaemon, not NKTDeamon... so your web search was futile anyway... :-)

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    It's part of Native Access. https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/5259695604625-Native-Access-Error-Please-grant-permission-to-NTK-Daemon-to-install-dependencies

    Skip down to the part titled "Restart NTKDaemon."

    If NTKDaemon is missing you may need to uninstall and reinstall Native Access.

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