Wanting to play my parts into Maschine instead of using the pads. I have a pad 80 ii. Ideas?

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Drums are my primary instrument and I would rather “play” my parts using and electronic kit than the pads on the MASCHINE controller. Any ideas on how to pull this off without deep diving for hours just to get a single note? Like have basic preset kits to get ideas down quick?



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    Not sure I understand.. I mean.. the very moment you hit "Instrument mode" then all those pads will behave exactly the same as if you were playing a regular keyboard.

    What are you trying to achieve here?

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    As a drummer , I can play grooves with fills and complete phrases very fluidly and quickly using my octapad and pedals rather than the pads on the maschine itself. Things that would be tedious and unintuitive on pads can be performed on a drum set more musically and quickly.

    but I can’t figure out a way to input events using the octapad into the maschine . The best I can do so far is getting one sound per midi channel - per pad - per group. There should be a way to set up the standard midi notes for kit presets using one midi channel so the process is quicker so as not to defeat the point of using the octapad in the first place

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    There is no General MIDI Drum Kit or Roland e-Drum mode, but you would have to setup a Maschine Group to receive a range of 16 consecutive notes, one for each Pad, and set up your e-Drum / Pad to send these notes.

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