M+ with External digital Drums

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i want to use ROLAND TD-17KV with M+.

In way that every roland drum pad can be assigned to pad in M+ group. Sound goes from drumkit loaded into M+ group, but MIDI control (with pad sensitivity) goes from Roland.

As i see now there is no such option.

I guess in channel-midi mode, every M+ pad must have adjustable midi input parameter MIDI CC#.

I see it like that

if i set snare pad on roland to send midi cc15 and on M+ pad #1 set input midi cc15 it will work. And the transmitted value will be a pad sensivity.



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    • MIDI CC = MIDI Continuous Controller messages, a type of expressive controller to modulate sound
    • Pad Sensitivity = A setting on Maschine, not a MIDI message type

    I have no idea what these have to do with MIDI drum kits, which usually send defined MIDI Notes for each drum pad on a MIDI Channel which is defined per kit. To trigger Pads/Sounds on the Maschine, it’s probably easier to configure the drum kit to send the matching notes than to set up a Maschine Group to react properly. The general problem with Maschine in this setting is the same as using it as plugin within a DAW. MIDI knows two dimensions to address pads (Notes and Channels) for different percussion sounds while Maschine also knows Groups and Pads and allows to maintain the Note information to change pitch of percussion sounds.

    As a start you would have to set the Group > Input > MIDI > Key Mode to Drumkit or Manual, which will configure the Pads of that Group to be triggered by MIDI notes starting from C2 or a manually selected note chromatically upwards. Then you have to set up your Roland drum kit to send the matching notes.

    Any further instructions are impossible without knowing the MIDI implementation both devices.

    Best bet is to consult the manuals for MIDI setup instructions.

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