Open instruments in kontakt7 as default instead of k6

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How do I open an instrument in K7 in Maschine by default instead of kontakt 6. For example the new glaze says (can't open older version). Yest Hypha automatically opens in K7.

I don't want to have to delete Kontakt 6 from my system - I just want Kontakt 7 only instruments to open in K7 when I select it on the MK controller.

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  • mykejb
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    Do you have "Always use latest version of NI plugins" checked in Preferences? Not sure if that might force the use of Kontakt 7

    -- Mike

  • D-One
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    Just enable "Always Use Latest Version Of NI Plug-Ins" in Preferences >Plug-Ins.

    Works fine for me.


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