Kontrol S61 MK3 with Maschine 2 not syncing...

tonypesos Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

Has anyone been able to use their Kontrol S series mk3 keyboard with Maschine 2 & Maschine MK3? For some reason it isn't even allowing me to play keys on the VST3s to add to what I've started on Maschine 2. I know I can easily move it to Ableton and then finish the production there, just trying to figure out if it is a menu issue. Thank you.


  • Vic Angelo
    Vic Angelo Member Posts: 103 Advisor

    welcome to Kontrol Mk3!!! there is NO compatibility other than generic MIDI for Maschine, and there is no plans for itπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. You should've gone with Kontrol Mk2 (full complete integration with Maschine)

  • tonypesos
    tonypesos Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    Yes, I'm fine with it only working as MIDI for Maschine. That's no problem, since this keyboard is the company's future. But for some reason even though I have the Kontrol MK3 selected in MIDI options, it still isn't working and playing sounds. I see the plug-in, and could browse, but cannot control the instrument. This is getting frustrating! Anyone know of a possible fix? Thank you.

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