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The sampler plays a special role, as Maschine is primarily a sampler and groovebox environment. You can record, alter, chop, mingle, and edit sounds to use in your production.

  • When it comes to sampling, what are the capabilities you are currently lacking?
  • Is there any reason why you prefer the Maschine sampler or workflow over others?
  • What do you wish for the most when it comes to sampling in Maschine?

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  • AsylumSpeaker
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    I'd like the Audio plugin to have a loop-at-sample-length function. Instead of looping at the length of a pattern or any other quantised duration, it would simply play through the sampled audio over and over irrespective of the tempo or pattern length.

    A proper modulation matrix would be great.

    M+ sample slots and any sample aware part of the system to have access to all audio used in the current project, a la Elektron's Sample Pool. Everything recorded, everything edited as a separate entry in the list, everything loaded from the library. I want to be able to create a cool processing and plugin chain and sequence and then audition all the sampled material I'm working on through it.

  • OhulahanBass
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    Capabilities Lacking:

    1) Global edit (on/off) of "Loop" function for all samples & zones in a multisample sound

    2) Foot pedal Trigger of sample recording

    3) Auto sample >200 samples on M+ without crash

    Why Maschine over others:

    4) The hardware, however item 1 above has me using other software auto samplers for complex sounds

    What do I wish for the most:

    5) Item 1, I HATE that item 1 does not exist

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