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Automation and modulation let you turn a static arrangement into a fluid, evolving musical landscape. Whether you want to automate synth parameters or the volume of a track, automation has been a standard in music creation software for a long time.

  • When it comes to automation and modulation in Maschine, what capabilities are you currently lacking?
  • What are the things you would like to see revisited with the current implementation?
  • Are there things that you like about the current way that automation or modulation work in Maschine?
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  • rcmusic35
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    As said above , please consider a convenient msb lsb for midi track to automate program changes

  • enz0
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    This doesn’t fit into a category but it’s something noticeable when i want to perform filter automation; The stock filter does not open all the way. Performance fx filter is fine , I’m specifically referring to the standard stock filter.

    Please adjust this so it opens all the way

  • Serge8
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    i'd like to see automation clips like in FL studio - where u use LFO to create clips and the clips are stored in library like presets and patterns. it is the best way for you - nothing to change, only additions (generator itself is relatively easy to create, everything else is already here)

    but! in current state first fix performance:

    1 cpu core to max, all others are 20% - wasting of resources and general playback issues, ableton is much better in this, so you route heavy projects to ableton and use FX VST in ableton, not maschine.

    i'd prefer to work only in maschine (main concept is great for me).

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