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Is it possible to make one small, but important (as I've discussed it with other open-format DJs) change/improvement: making visible all the contents of all the playlists in the playlist folder when clicking on it? I'll attach the screenshot for making myself more clear.

So, when clicking the folder it would be great to see all the tracks in all the playlists of this same folder. Smart playlists criteria's don't help if you have different kinds of music for a very mixed crowd and need to see all possible tracks options depending on the situation right at that moment. (for example: when playing gigs on a cruise ships where there are people of all ages, nationalities and musical preferences).

Serato's been having this since at least 2012 and I don't want to switch just because of small details like this one.

Thank you for your feedback in advance.

P.S. We're all waiting for flexible beat grids. I'm sure you all know that too.

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  • nickygdj
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    edited January 13

    a very good ideea

  • Ves
    Ves Member Posts: 11 Member

    If NI is wondering which software has this.

    Serato from the start, Rekordbox with version 7

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