Bought a Maschine Mk3 used. Unsure if of te version of my maschine 2 And komplete 14 are,

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I bought a Maschine mk3 used off FB , The owner did a license transfer. Came with Maschine 2 , Komplete 14 and some expansion packs. I registered everything no problem. My komplete 14 won't show up in my "AVALIABLE" folder on Native access. My Maschine 2 seems rather empty ( KIT WISE ). i am unsure if the version i have a actually version or if they are "DEMOS". My question is how can I tell? If they are "DEMOS" or lower can I buy upgrade during the sale right now? Also my Komplete 14 select says "HW" beside it not sure what that means.

Thanks in advance - y0urstruly

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    That is OK. You have full version of K14S that is bundled to NI HW. The only difference to "Komplete 14 Select" is that you cannot sell your K14S to a new user, it will stay at your account forever. If you sell Maschine MK3, new owner will get his own (new and current) version of KS. In case there is K15S, the new owner, IMHO, will get K15S, not K14S (No guarantie, better to check at Support when selling... I might misunderstood how it works, or it may have changed, or may change in future....).

    Concerning, the Maschine Library Upgrade.... You have written that you have Maschine MK3, if it is so, Upgrade would bring you nothing more than you already have. And beside that, you could not use that Upgrade anyway as Maschine MK3 is not Base Product needed. It would be total double waste of money.

    If you have Maschine Mikro KK3, than yes, it would bring you something. But, I cannot tell, if it is woth it, or not.



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