issues with Traktor - not saving collection + flushing background tasks


My Traktor system has recently completely crashed and it has reset with none of my music or playlists. It won't allow me to import any of the old collections (is grayed out) - the last one saved was 12.11.23. Which means I assume, that I need to manually add all of my music again.

Prior to this, it was not saving a collection past a certain date and I wasn't sure how to save manually but also it would get stuck on 'flushing background tasks' which I understand was an old glitch but seems to be an issue for me now too. I was on 3.7.0 when these issues were happening (over the last 2 weeks) and have recently updated to 3.8.0

If anyone can help me with what I could do to either fix it or prevent it happening in the future. I would be really grateful.


  • mykejb
    mykejb Moderator Posts: 889 mod

    Do you have any of the older NML files in the backup/collection folder? If so you could try copying that over the collection.nml file in your Traktor folder rather than trying to import it.

    -- Mike

  • goughiem
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    Hi. I'm brand new here. Have searched Google for answers to the Flushing Background Task error. Playlists don't save and history isn't saved after a set list too. I paid for the newest version of Traktor 3.11.1
  • shizuon
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    if other programs opened the music file that traktor used, it may stuck at the flushing background task

    try close other programs and it may solve

    this is a bug NI should fix it, at least give a warning to user to let them know the problem, not just stucking at the task

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