How to run Maschine mk3 and KK M32

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Hi guys, does anyone knows if can i run together m32 and maschine mk3 into maschine software? i tried but i am not able to record any sound from my m32, even the record/play lights buttons are off. Would i have to run m32 in Ableton and maschine mk3 separately?

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    this should all work right after installing everything. Can you check the midi input settings?

    where i enabled KK A49 Midi you should enable of course M32, do you see also the DAW port? You need both in order to get the m32 working correctly.

    Further if it works you can enable focus as default if you want, that means, that the keyboard follows the selection of the pads, i prefer mostly that setting while building up a track.

    But you can of course bind the keyboard to a pad or group, like shown here for a pad\soundslot.


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