Installing NI to work on a PC (Win 11 up to date) with Studio One V6.5.1 (latest)

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I've tried to be clever ( ๐Ÿ™„ ) and separate my installation over 2 locations but despite everything looking ok it doesn't work .... can someone spot the error please ....

If I try to run it as a stand alone app - nothing happens.

I have the same problem with a few other instruements and effects - studio one blocks them.

I have mnade sure S1 can 'see' the vst libraries.

I have tried re-installing GR6 but no change.



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    Answer โœ“

    ok - after a lot of shenanigans i have found categorically that NI advise not to use their products in folders that are being backed up by OneDrive. I have been running ok now for about a week and the problem seems to have been resolved. The solution was to stop OneDrive backing up the desktop which contained my NI shortcuts. So there you have it. ๐Ÿ™„



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    Maybe you should move the plugins to the desktop folder.

    Same for their contents and libraries.

    Had that issue and it solved it.

    Hope it solves yours.


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    "Maybe you should move the plugins to the desktop folder"

    Please stop suggesting this.

    Not only does it not matter - as the Desktop folder is just another folder on C - you run the risk of having multiple other failures from other DAWs/VST3 - that expect their install files to be found in a standard location. Especially VST3 - which has a worldwide standard location.

    The Desktop folder is not standard and should never be used for any actual software installs - especially on Windows where - if the user has left the OS in a default state AND OneDrive is active - this may result in VSTs and their supporting files suddenly start to be synced to the cloud and cause even more havoc.

    Finally - the Desktop folder is (usually) always on C - libraries and content should never be stored on C.


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    VocalPoint, it worked for me and it helped me a lot.

    If it does not help him, maybe your advice will.

    Just giving my best possible answer.

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    And second, you need to uninstall OneDrive folder then to create a desktop folder to do it.

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    First - ignore any talk of installing anything to the Desktop folder. Worse advice has never been given in this forum. It is not a "best" answer or any answer - please ignore. Especially the part about uninstalling OneDrive - please do not do that.

    Next - your install locations are normal and are very close to mine. Nothing wrong there.

    Finally - that Studio One error looks suspect to me and makes no sense. Need you to dig into the D drive and tell me exactly what is at that "D:\jws" - location. And get me a screencap of what you see when Studio One actually throws the error. And what version of Studio One are you running?

    I have GT6 running here just fine IN Studio One - but do not have a "jws" folder anywhere on my install that I can see.

    Need some better screencaps before we can solve this.


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    Thanks for the feedback VP:

    I) jws is not on the D drive โ€ฆ. ??

    ii) what i see on S1 is the error message message i posted earlier - when I press ok to that, S1 bombs.

    iii) Iโ€™m running the latest version of S1 (and Win11)

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    Hmm. Still massively confusing here.

    Firstly - That first error you posted:

    Shows something going on on the D Drive - as I mentioned - that is not a normal location for me. It appears to be something Java library based - which has zero to do with Studio One or GR6. Not sure what else you have on that machine - but this location is an odd one.

    Secondly - need to see these error screencapped from a Studio One perspective. I need to see exactly what the error looks like when S1 is up and hits trouble.

    Finally - seems you have a real probelm going on with Native Access now - which is beyond my capability.

    My take on this is that you have deeper install problems than just GR6 - this will require some support from Native Intruments to get this sorted.

    Ordinarily - this is standard stuff - and I think the fact that S1 is crashing out is because it cannot make sense of this install or something major is missing (my guess).

    Submit a ticket to NI and let us know how it goes. And next time - accept the normal install locations - except where to place your content (that is your choice for space reasons) and this will go a lot easier.


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    I also strongly emphasize: Plugins on desktop folder??? NO-NO-NO-NEVER!

    Not just for plugins or any other system file, but for ANYTHING except shortcuts.

    It is a really bad habit that i see for decades on computers. It is not matter if it "works" at first. Eventually it will cause various problems.

    There are folders named Music, Documents, Videos etc. and there are there for a reason! The only valuable alternate for replace then is in another drive (either internal, or external) or in another partition if you only have one drive. These things is basic computer knowledge, a "must" since the early 00's.

    Plus that, if you are moving the DLL's or especially VST3's manually, then be prepared for hell when updating! Even more, for VST3's they meant to be in a specific folder that every developer use. For Windows, it is C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and nothing else. VST2 (dll's) are more flexible to move around, as long as you declare the new path in every software that use them. However, consider that while i.e. in Cubase, you can add multiple folders in the Plugin manager, Native Instrument has only one!


    About the question and the error in your photo:

    -This is a Studio One bug, nothing to do with Native Instruments.

    -jws indicates a JSON Web Signature and Init_GP.ccp is a JavaScript file. I can't see any connection with Native Instruments here, but unfortunately i don't use Studio One to provide you better assistant. I think you will have better luck in Studio One forums

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    I concur with VP and Sunborn , Desktop is not to be used as an install location. And VST folders are if not system folders (?) then at least they are like system folders and ought not be directed to Desktop either. Despite your own experiences then you ought not keep trying to promote stuff like what you do. If others advice in kind then kindly try to listen to the advice.

    @PTR , I concur with VP that there is something wrong with the setup and with Sunborn about the lack of connection.

    Quote : "I've tried to be clever ( ๐Ÿ™„ ) and separate my installation over 2 locations" . I am not sure if I understand you correctly with respect to the install over 2 locations. There is absolutely nothing wrong or unusual with respect to installing all the libraries on another drive than drive C: In fact all my library stuff is installed to a drive not C:. If wanting to save drive C: space then you install all the applications and the plugins to the standard C: drive locations and then you set the Content and download locations to other places just like you have done so the GR6 problem is not a problem of the settings in N.A. as you have shown them because they appear as OK .

    I have no idea about anything Studio One but I do know that if you are using some programming environment and scripting and what not then you can really fast screw up a lot of things. (and you don't even care to really comment on the jws other than not on D: which is really not helpful). Without knowing you might have changed some other path settings inside your installation or screwed up something inside the Windows registry , that may even have spilled over into N.I. I wouldn't know...

    Yes , contact support , but if you have made any major blunders when using any programming environments then even support may have a hard time assisting you ! Especially if you are withholding information or do not care to describe the presented references sufficiently !

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    (chuckles loudly) Ok...ok...

    I agree with many things in this comment except for the desktop folder part.

    When I had vst plugins in my folder, even NI files, especially VST3 ones, everything was perfect.

    Because of this issue:

    When I tried to update, download or even reinstall some, if not, many plugins from NA, it constantly bugged and it gave me errors 'Download Failed' or something about relocating the folder.

    When I made a desktop folder for NI plugins, trust me, it was that feeling of letting go of so much pressure and a huge breath of fresh air.

    Since then, I have never seen errors on my plugins at all.

    For my PC, making a desktop folder for vst's solved not 1, but multiple issues.

    That is my experience.

    Of course, this is not the best advice for every computer, because it is just like lactose.

    Many people not only can handle lactose, but they in some cases also even need it for better nutrition.

    But there are some people who cannot handle lactose and are even allergic to it.

    But I agree with the rest of the comment, Sunborn.

    Every person has a different experience, and I accept that.

    But that doesn't suddenly mean that someone's advice is the 'worst'.

    Many blessings, Sunborn!

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    The deeper problem is that you having 'discovered' your desktop as a 'magic' fix for a problem on your own computer alas only testifies to that you have or have had some user access problem on your Windows computer that you were not otherwise capable of neither recognizing nor fixing. So what you think as a discovery is actually more about you applying a completely wrong 'fix' to another problem.

    Your take is that there can not be anything wrong with what you do because it fixes your personal problem but because your 'fix' is an inherently wrong one seen in a greater perspective then you ought not suggest it as a solution not either in situations where you think that the fix is to fix access problems elsewhere by trying to substitute that with having access to desktop.. And that especially goes for system like folders like VST folders !

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    Hmm ... this seems to be quite a spikey support forum but anyway ....

    i) I was trying to be self deprecating and comical by suggesting that choosing not to use the default installation paths was trying to be clever. I know it should be possible as it worked on the machine I'm trying to migrate from but this time it didn't work...... for some instruments and effects only.

    ii) I don't know what you mean by saying '... you don't even care....'. What a peculiar remark ... I don't know what else to say about it .... I don't know what it is, or why it is being referenced ... it is not on my machine and when I googled it I got nothing. I can assure you I meant no offence.

    Yes - I may have screwed something up - I suspect I have. I'm hoping someone else on here might have come across a similar issue or whatever.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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    "That is my experience. Of course, this is not the best advice for every computer, because it is just like lactose."

    Yet you keep making this suggestion. Without ANY technical breakdown or reasoning.

    Poorfellow hit it best - you clearly have other deep technical "access" issues on your machine if all you can come up with is "It worked great when I installed to Desktop".

    But instead of investigating WHY you needed to do that and offering a logical explanation - you take the short cut and say - "Well it worked for me so it should work for you".

    This is what makes it the worst - you really have no idea what you are talking about - or WHY you do not (or cannot) use normal locations like 99.99% of us do. Then others see your "advice", they kill their machine and then the hassle starts a new for someone else.

    There has been software install standards (and standard locations) for Windows software for decades - if the Desktop was one of these - we all would have used it by now.


  • PTR
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    Thanks for your thoughts VP. Here is a short video of what it looks like in S1 ... oh blimey I haven't been in the club long enough to post links ... oh well.

    I'll raise a ticket.

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