Maschine MK3 offer for CyberSeason out of stock

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Hi everyone!

I just found out that Maschine Mk3 and the 12 expansions bundle at 499 is out of stock... but, if i try to buy Maschine through Native Instrument website, it always redirect me on the special offer for CyberSeason.

My question is: are they going to make Maschine Mk3 + 12 expansions offer available again anytime soon before the offer ends or not?


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  • Sunborn
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    Out of stock means no hardware is available at the moment. So, it depends on the factory who build the hardware. If they deliver the hardware before the end of cyber season, it will be available again. If not, then end of story.

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    Maybe there is a misunderstanding here ? The fact that N.I. are out of Maschine MK3 does not necessarily translate into that you can not get one. I do not know in what region of the world that you live , but the offer also is valid when using authorized dealers !!!

    E.g. German Thomann still sells/stocks Native Instruments Maschine MK3 Black :

    So if you can find an authorized dealer that you find trustworthy that stock the Maschine MK3 then you can buy it there. Only remember that the hardware must be received by you and have it's serial registered by you before the end of the offer.

    Eventually then just use the Find a Dealer button below where it says out of stock !

  • andrea_capecchi
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    All clear! So, if i buy Maschine from an authorized dealer and register the serial i'll recieve the voucher for the 12 expansion the same way. But, of course, i have to do it before the CyberSeason ends.

    Thank you so much! ^^

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    Yes , that is correct. You will see it confirmed at the Thomann site : (Some dealers may add extra to the deal such as Thomann at the moment adding the "Including Arturia Analog Lab Intro" but that part is dealer specific)

    But any new purchase, within the period of the offer, of a new Maschine from an authorized dealer on-line or off-line ought to qualify in the same manner as if buying directly from N.I. as long as the hardware are registered within validity period of the offer !

    (I do neither work for N.I. nor for Thomann and I am not an affiliate either and any opinions expressed here are my own !)

  • Pal Baan
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    Although I'm an oldtimer but not a computer wizard, I'm interested in many genres of music including even the most recent trends as well, as my grandchildren's taste goes that way. With the hope of modernizing my home array of musical instruments (mostly keyboards and drum machines), I just bought a Maschine+ earlier today from a dealer who does not know anything more about the whole thing than selling the hardware and collecting the money. However, prior to my purchase I visited the NI website and watched nearly all their videos instructing me about the proper way of starting up the gear and related issues. I hoped to get Maschine+ software easily via my wifi exactly according to the description on the NI home website about this specific item's possible software content, but when I updated the operation system and downloaded/installed everything available, I found out that there was only 10 downloadable bundles but not even a word about a voucher for the extra two ones (which I should be able to choose according to my own taste) included in the offer on NI website. Has anyone met the same problem?

    However, I found some other free downloads on the NI website accessible via a PC only. So I downloaded and installed the latest version of Native Access, but that will not work on my desktop (system: Windows 10) no matter how hard I try. The PC says Native Access is running, however, I cannot accomplish the login process. The NI automatic assistance system has no useable answer for this specific problem, it remains. As I mentioned before, I'm not a computer wizard, so I just look stunned at the screen when it says: if the problem is not solved automatically following the instructions, contact support. I kept trying to go round and round on the automatized assistance system's most useless explanations about how to solve this specific problem, but they did not work.

    My questions are then what is the proper way of obtaining the promised Voucher for the extra two bundles (otherwise I feel cheated out of some of my money even if I wish to buy some more extra bundles), and how to make my NI Access let me log in to my very existent account.

    Even separate answers would be appreciated.

  • PoorFellow
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    Hello Pal ,

    It certainly is easy to become confused these days with all the tech and stuff and it does not become any easier if there is no help to get from seller. Luckily then you found your way here. I can not promise you to be able to solve all of your problems in a jiffy but I will try to guide you as best I can without having ever owned a Maschine myself.

    First of all then there appear to be some confusion about what it is that you have actually bought ! And from what I can read then as per standard then Maschine+ comes with the following : A dedicated package of 18 synths and sampled instruments, 37 effects, and 8 Expansions (including 2 of your own choosing) that all work seamlessly in standalone mode.

    But because there is a sale then your purchase also "Includes 12 free Expansions during Cyber Season." (and the '12 free Expansions' ought to be on top of the other). The free stuff comes per voucher per email after you have been registering the hardware , and yes , the reason for your confusion is that you need to register the hardware serial in the Native Access client. If you do not get your vouchers , including in spam folder , then contact support ,the same goes if vouchers do not work in the on-line shop or if the serials do not work in the N.A. client ! (All downloads are done using Native Access and your personal downloads do not appear until registered in Native Access)(meaning that any product serial that you get, including the hardware, needs to be added in the N.A. client to add to account. After have been added in the N.A. app it will appear on account as registered !)

    Now here is the real problem , quote (you referring to Native Access) : "but that will not work on my desktop (system: Windows 10) no matter how hard I try.".

    Alas a diverse number of problems has been seen with respect to getting the Native Access to run/install correctly. However , I am using Windows 10 , 64 Bit myself and have no problem so Native Access in principle should be able to run alright on your OS. You call yourself 'old timer', so I do not know if you are maybe not very computer savvy , but even the savvy have trouble in-between. But the general problem with Native Access problems is that it will take some doing. The standard troubleshooting advice is here :

    Native Access Error: "Unable to log in" :

    Native Access Error Messages & Solutions :

    But in the end then you might have to get N.I. support to help you : Install support is here : (there is a sale so support is slow as molasses in the winter but if you do not get any response within a week then start to politely yanking their chain !)

    Good luck


    A very general trouble shooting step would be to uninstall anything Native Access and NTKDaemon using the Windows uninstall and the reg tool found here : Fixing Software Update Installation Issues (Windows) and then make sure that every trace of Native Access and NTKDaemon are removed from both Windows registry and from hard drive. And then make sure that no trace are found of same running neither as process nor service after a reboot , then turn off Windows third party program install protection if on and turn off AV and then run the newest Native Access installer as an Admin ! And then in case of problem also always try to start the Native Access client as an Admin !

    P.S. 2 , here is some help links for when you got the N.A. client up and running :

    Featured Videos (down the page) :

    MASCHINE 'Trutorials' :

    Native Instruments online manuals :

  • Pal Baan
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    Hello PoorFellow,

    Many thanks for the quick, generous and, I truly hope, useful response to my longish explanation of my anguish about this issue. I will use all the information you provided and try to solve both problems.

    The first one seems to be solved as, just as you mentioned, I got an email from Native Instruments with a code for the voucher for the extra two bundles. However, I can only acquire them through Native Access which is still bothering me as the very latest version does the same, instead of opening at the end of its installation process, it wants me to log in but at that point I get stalled each and every time and cannot even open the application itself. If I seem to be a bit confused is that because I really am. I'm going to follow your tips although, to tell the truth, I can't really comprehend what is going on as I have never been confronted with this kind of glitch before. Yes, oldtimer means I'm over sixty, but I can still use a PC. I also have a laptop and a smartphone, moreover, I can use quite complicated musical instruments like a Korg Wavestate, a Modwave, or an Opsix. It took some time to get used to them of course. I always hope that some learning leads me to the solution as others can do the same and I feel no dumber than most of those running around the globe. (There are lots of them though.)

    Support contacted me quite soon after I filed a ticket and instructed me to get and install the most recent versions of the applications which I had already done all right. I also deactivated my Kaspersky providing me with some protection against intruders and viruses. (Maybe even against COVID, who knows? :) ) Up to this point I kept trying and trying again, but nothing different happened. Maybe turning to a computer expert should help me out because I really want to use my new gadget. Even before buying Maschine plus yesterday I thought that "standalone" running on Wifi meant no involvement of a computer at all. Well, I have proved to be wrong. My bad, of course. I should have been more prepared regarding all the relevant details.

    I know that both of us are losing time with exchanging these 'experiences' but you have been the only one giving me something to go on with. That I really appreciate. I promise to turn back to you if and when I succeed and let you know the whole story.

  • PoorFellow
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    Thank you for the kind feedback.

    The advice in my first P.S. in my first response to you have a rather good chance of working. And by the way , I hope that you did not feel like I were belittling you with respect to the 'old timer' (I am no young kid myself 😉) and I have no doubt that you are good at a lot of things music that I don't know the first thing about. It's just not all people have had equal interest in computer tinkering. So it's hard to know your exact level or skill set. And when people refer to themselves as old timers with respect to computers then it's often a sign that they do not feel very comfortable having to solve problems on their computer..

    Anyway , since it did not occur to me to write about it earlier then I will give you my standard advice with respect to computer tinkering !

    When in doubt then always manually make a new Windows restore point and if you want to be really sure of being able to revert your actions then take a full image based system drive backup using a backup tool such as e.g. the free Paragon Backup & Recovery Community Edition ! To be absolutely safe then always use a recognized backup solution, such as referred to, to make a full system drive backup to another drive and as a matter of principle also always have a tested as working Recovery boot media at hand ! (If you later want a paid version then this is that)

    The above advice is meant for everybody but is especially good for people that are afraid of messing up if trying to solve a problem. If you are to acquire on single compute skill then that is the best skill to acquire ! The ability to know how to take a full image based system drive backup and how to reload an OS from backup ! It's also nice to be able to use file backup utilities but system backups are the most desired skill !

    So in short , if you know how to make and use system backups , then you can get rid of a lot of self-doubt and relax more because then as long as you don't completely screw up the hardware or BIOS settings on computer (don't mess with BIOS settings you do not understand !) then you can always just reload your system from a backup. It even released my mother from her fear of ruining her computer. After I setup her computer I took a backup and told her that anything she did to her Windows could easily be fixed in a short time by reloading from the backup. So backups are the way to go if you are afraid of tinkering... You just need to understand that stuff on drives not backed up are , well , not included in your backup !

    Oh ! , by the way , I just received some N.I. hardware myself , and it appear as if N.I. are making a policy change so that sometimes serials do not always come per email but appear listed as serials NOT registered on your account page , so always also check that if you are missing anything !

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