Appregate devices aren't displaying when changing between audio interfaces.

DEEMUS Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

*MacBook Pro user*

Mac OS Sonoma - 14.1.1

Is anyone having trouble with the NI software interfaces not displaying aggregate devices?

They appear in both Logic Pro X and Artiura applications so this information lets me know it's something to do with NI.


  • Warempel
    Warempel Member Posts: 4 Newcomer


    I can confirm this. I have set up an aggregate device and it is not visible to maschine, although it does work with Ableton Live for me.

    What is worse is that all audio input seems to be broken now. I am now unable to record/sample any external audio with maschine, even from my mac's microphone...

    Sonoma 14.0.

  • D-One
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    edited November 17

    Same here. Intel Mac btw. Sonoma 14.1

    Other apps can use aggregate devices just fine.

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