Native Instruments causing Problems For Musicians

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They changed their formula for their open-key format couple of years ago.

open-key is a numbers system for dj's (enables a degree of harmonic mixing) and now since the change is not suitable for learning musicians. It's still good for dj use.

Camelot system is similar but initially accommodate'D learning musicians, as they could refer to a chart.

Its the circle of fifths for djs. On the chart 2A= Am 2B=Cmaj

Prior to the change... 2m = Aminor

Authentic samples with the musical key Am in the filename when analysed would be displayed to me as 2m (open-key format)

Should the file being analysed not be named with the musical key, I could if I so wished refer to the Camelot wheel to discover the musical key.

After the change 2m = Cmaj

This is now of no use to learning musicians.

If that wasn't bad enough they also shifted the whole wheel, now making it out of step with the camelot system, but at an interval (should the 2 systems be compared audibly) of relative harmonic compatibility.

This must have bleed-over into the production side imo.

MIDI 2.0's only purpose is to hide this scandalous behaviour, again imo.

Your thought's/questions?



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