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I recently discovered the Resultant Key (RK) track deck display value, customisable in Traktor’s settings. I found that collecting the RKs into the Comment 2 column in a way that they could be sorted helped me quickly discover harmonic matches between tracks when Keylock is off. I’d write the RK like “155:02m”. This would mean “at 155bpm this track sounds like 2m” and could be used to sort the Comment 2 as it’s formatted in a way that suits alphabetical sorting.

I’d like to see an automation of this. Traktor should display a Resultant Key column. The column should display the value of the RK for each track, as if it were loaded to a track deck and adjusted to match the tempo of whatever is the current master tempo. It should do this live. If the master tempo changes, the RK column’s values change accordingly.

This feature could make using Traktor for harmonic mixing very easy. As an aside: I turn off Keylock because I can hear a very mild degradation in sound with it on: artefacts in the highs and less impact in the lows. I turn off Keylock to preserve the sound quality of the music, but doing this loses any guide towards planning a harmonic mix and I think a Resultant Key live column would be very much used.

To illustrate the convenience of the automation; currently, to sort my lists by the key they’ll play in when mixing without Keylock, I decide what BPM I want this mix to be, I set the master Auto off and set the master clock to that BPM, I then load each track in turn and sync them to the master, then note the Resultant Key in the Comment 2 as described above. The process is fragile in that I can only sort that list according to a single BPM per session - if I choose a different BPM, I have to go through the list again.

In a live (playing out) situation, which I haven’t reached with this feature yet, I guess I would load tracks in turn until I found a good one according to the RK display on the deck. This, again, would be inconvenient and - I’m guessing - stressful to do live.

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