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Hello ,

Does anyone know how to map all the hotcues to instantly play (without having to hold down the hotcue) when im on Deck A ONLY the track on Deck A, when im on Deck C only the track on Deck C ...etc.

I've managed to find a solution for 2 decks but I want to use 4 , for remix decks and samples and it's a total disaster because the mappings I've done links the hotques on deck A with C and on deck B with D. I want the hotcues when im on Deck A to play the track only on Deck A and when I change in Deck C to work only for Deck C.

I have the Traktor s4 mk3 as a controller and I'm using Traktor pro 3 if that helps.


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    I'm not sure, but I would guess you need to add a modifier that changes when you press the deck change button. And then the hot cues trigger different play depending on the modifier state.

    Switching from deck A to deck C = change modifier to 1

    Pressing a hotcue:

    condition: modifier = 0: play deck A

    condition: modifier = 1: play deck C

    Switching from deck C to deck A = change modifier to 0


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