Big shoutout to all NI Maschine Developers and a HeadsUp to all Maschine Users

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Because there is a lot of ranting against the Maschine Software I wanted to share my success-story.

This friday my first Techno EP was released on Beatport (I make electronic music since 1985, but never took it up to this level and ofc live/kids/job do the rest - I restarted DJing and producing in 2020 - thanks to Corona)

Since today this EP already has hit the Top100 in PeakTime Techno Charts.

This EP is produced 100% in Maschine Software with my MK3, incl. Arrangement and MixDown, with 95% NI Plugins.

So next time someone tells you that you can't do something like this just with Maschine, or that you need to use a "real Daw", and that Maschine can not do this and that like other "real DAWs" I hope you remember this post - YES YOU CAN DO IT ALL IN MASCHINE.

So a big thanks to ALL Maschine and ALL NI Pulgin developers - you all did a fantastic job with this wonderfull peace of software/HW combination. I love CLIPS, I love the Drum- and BassSynth, I love Massive/Massive X/Razor/Monark/Reaktor/Guitar Rig and all other NI stuff.

Greetings from belgium, Sascha aka LXNDR (BE)

BTW: yes 2nd EP is already mastered and will be released soon and OFC 100% in Maschine 🤩



  • Cretin Dilettante
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    Ok but I like metal, jazz, prog rock, and free improvisation. And you know what? Maschine cannot automate tempo and time signature changes, which means I can't really use it to write an entire track in those genres unless I impose a bunch of limitations upon it.

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    I'm in the process of setting up a techno live act, 100% made on Maschine standalone (with a good ol' MK2 and Jam, two different instances going thru Traktor to mix them and avoid the loading times), and yes, i second your statement.

    As (almost) anyone here, i can talk hours about the flaws and lack of certain features in Maschine, but I finally always end by admitting one thing : i can't do what i do with anything else, unless going full dawless and losing many possibilities, and many money.

    Thanks NI

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    People that complain about maschine sw because they can’t make good music on it (or any sampler/daw) if their life depended on it; well that’s the real problem not NI’s fault nor the sw lmfao. Even if the bugs got fixed people would still complain. It is what it is.

    Here’s my rant about a real issue with NI (i know TLDR)

    never had problems with the sw until hw issues started. Then jumped on the hate bandwagon for a good reason about both after all these years…. Had to pay 89$ to NI to replace my first MK3 because all of a sudden after two years of minimal use; the brand new device just stopped working?!….pffft…These things happen I get it, but why should I have to pay MORE money to this company when it’s their problem, not mine. Of course the device was out of warranty, and at least they even helped me do an RMA…but I definitely became sour about this company when they told me they would send me a USED MK3 Controller as a replacement on top of paying an 89$ no no! I wasn’t happy, and made it very clear to these bean counters that this wasn’t acceptable. They eventually sent me a new device only because I was making too much of a scene posting where ever I could to let people know NI is greedy. This was all on old forums of course, and we see why they had to make a new forum; too much bad publicity. Ever since this issue with the MK3 device I have opened my eyes to how this company operates.….My one main issue with maschine is a hardware issue, but most likely is a sw issue too…The MK3 audio driver has a huge bug (and is unstable) that will actually blue screen of death your computer when turning off the device (a known issue they will not fix) One time I was turning off my MK3, and it blue screened, and actually bricked my computer making it completely unusable! Using the MK3 hw has cost me more money in the long run! Lots more money. This is why I will NEVER buy an NI product ever again. I still love the sw, and the MK3 hw, but cmon man! People have legitimate reasons to hate on the hw especially the sw my god….Ban me if need be. I cannot let this company take more money from me… People need to vote with their wallets, and make a real change…NI has had years to fix things with the sw even though people still make great music, and have success with it…The only people that care about the sw are the die hard fans…NI could care less about the sw; they are in the business of soundpacks, and quick to sell you another new device you don’t need full of bugs, and the same buggy sw (even though it’s not the software’s fault)

    that’s cool you have a success story, and maschine has been good to you, but for a lot of us it has not to an extent. Lots of people make music for themselves, and do not care about “making it”. I don’t need maschine to make music, nor do I care about all the sw issues. I’m still making dope beats with maschine sw even though I despise this company now lol.

    When I buy hw samplers with my hard earned money I expect it to work, and not have to go about spending more money when It should have worked from the get. I have never complained about maschine’s sw shortcomings other than reporting bugs that is a useless feat in itself on these forums, and old forums..Nothing of real importance gets fixed with the sw anyways. Let people complain! The higher ups aren’t reading this…We are the ones paying, are voices should not go unheard even though they do. We are basically just arguing with ourselves, and have been for years lol

    I was a huge supporter of this company, but now I am very suspicious. NI as a company is very sus now. People are fed up not just with the sw anymore (even though that’s what everyone main complaint is)

    Let us complain. That’s how things change!


  • Eric Rabb
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    Man jus look at the rushed NI logo, it feels like a cheap import (Sorry Kia), that should tell you everything that’s going on internally and waiting years for updates is totally unacceptable. Dag mane can I get some automated track mutes in playback mode, please? Akai has it, how come you guys don’t? Listen to what the consumers want, and make those requests a priority. versus a new mode that will take you Mars and back. Copy?

  • D-One
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    Congrats on your release!

    It's not even about electronic music or not, people have different requirements for their art, some need tools that can do XYZ and others don't, or you simply want your tools that have this or that improvement.

    There are people on the charts who need nothing else but their voice and an acoustic guitar, someone else might "need" a ton of things. I have at least 1 "hit" (subjective) with over 15 million plays that was made on Reason but I still moved to other software.

  • djadidai
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    Congrats man!! Nice to read about your success! I’m in a similar boat, full-time job, 2 kids, sick parents, life is going on! Ignore the peoples that keep dropping p00p everywhere they can! I also have an upcoming release, on a label named HMWL (House music with love), a track made 90-95% in my Maschine+!! I love working in M+. LOVE IT!!!

    Of course I can’t produce stuff that’s musically complicated like acid jazz funk stuff like Dave Weckl, or progressive metal like Dream Theater, but I would argue that maschine is completely the wrong tool for that. I would use acoustic instruments for that, drums, guitars and such. And a band. I’d need an insanely skilled band. And a rehearsal room. And equipment.

    I LOVE MAKING MUSIC WITH MY M+!! I’m sorry for others that don’t have the ability to enjoy it.

  • jkq2010
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    Agreed, massive oversight

  • enz0
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    Congrats on your release and i agree 100%. I’ve tried many other grooveboxes and Maschine (mk3) is still my favorite

  • ozon
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    (listening right now)

    This is phantastic!

    Would you mind sharing your approach/workflow/project structure? How do you achieve variation? Are you working in Song mode with lots of Patterns or Patterns with Clips? Are you performing the track live and capturing the performances to tape/disk? How do you approach mixing in Maschine? What is your mastering process?

  • LostInFoundation
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    I don’t think anyone ever said you can’t do things like this.

    And that Maschine isn’t a monster. Probably we are all here cause we all think Maschine is the best workflow for us. And that’s exactly why we would like it to shine at its best.

    This doesn’t mean that its flaws can’t be brought to attention. And specially the way NI is mistreating one of its best (or at least more unique) products.

    If you need to reach Ulan Bator and you buy a car to go there, to then discover your car can speed at max 20 km/h when it could go at 120, will you reach the destination anyway? Of course, but the trip will last a looooooot more. And I’m sure when you’ll get there, you will complain with the company telling them “cmoooon guys…make your cars use their full potential”. When you then also discover the other company is offering you an airplane ticket which makes you reach the destination waaaaay faster, maybe next time you will not even buy the car anymore…

    I would also make a second UPDATE: if you make TECHNO. It’s one of the less demanding genre. I have very old little grooveboxes that can make techno easily (talking about the technical aspect, not saying that making a good techno track is easy) with their limited set of skills. Other genres (even in electronic music) require a lot more flexibility.

    It’s a little bit like if an hypothetical techno “drummer” would say “it’s so easy to play the kick. Push the pedal with your foot on every first beat. Four on the floor and the trick is done”.

    I’m sure the metal drummer with the double pedal spending hours every day to practice his timing would have something to say…😏

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