Copy / Paste / Cut doesn't work anymore (Maschine integrated in Logic)

Peter Petersen
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Hi everyone,

recently I noticed, that Copy / Paste / Cut using my laptop's keyboard (cmd + ...) doesn't work in Maschine anymore. I am running Maschine integrated in Logic X Pro (latest versions, Maschine as multi-ouput) on a Macbook Pro.

In the past I could copy / paste / cut sounds or events using "cmd + ...", but when I press these buttons now nothing happens.

Does anyone experience the same problem?

I would be very thankful for any advice!

Best regards,



  • LostInFoundation
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    Aren’t those keys shortcuts assigned to something also in Logic? It could be a conflict between multiple assignments.

    Are you sure that when you had it working was inside a DAW?

  • Peter Petersen
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    Thank you for your reply :)

    Yes, exactly that seems to be the problem.

    But yes, I am sure I had it working in this setup (Maschine integrated in Logic).

    In the meantime, I updated Logic, Maschine and mac OS. It might have something to do with one of these updates, but I can't tell which one is the problem.

    Is there anyone also working with Maschine integrated in Logic who can tell, if Copy / Paste / Cut (cmd + ...) in Maschine is working for him / her?

    Any advice is appreciated!

  • D-One
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    I think it's a Logic or AU issue, all my plugins behave like that on Logic, the DAW seems to have priority with the computer keyboard; in Ableton Live for example this does not happen, i can use keyboard commands just fine if the Plug-In window is active. I'm not much of Logic user to say if theres some kind of option to fix this or not.

    As an alternative you can use mouse right-click to contextually copy-paste things.

  • Peter Petersen
    Peter Petersen Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Thanks for your reply! :)

    Yes, Logic seems to have priority, even when the Maschine window is active. It is frustrating because keyboard commands in the Maschine window used to work a couple of months ago...

    If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know!

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