Hot Cue Pattern Sequencing feature.

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Hello all!

I was lucky enough to be in Berlin when the S4mk3 was launched and I attended an event where I got to get some hands on time and speak with a few NI reps. Basically, I discussed being able to sequence your hot cues, this was before the pattern player debut mind you, and I still think this feature would be an incredible way to remix on the fly during any performance. Hopefully I do not have to describe how this would work or be implemented since it would be like using the pattern player where instead of using samples you would be using the hot cues set for that track on that deck. The dream would be to be able to use hot cue loops that could be sequenced! In that manner you could use very short snippets like 1/4 or 1/8 along with longer loops played back sequentially as a repeating pattern for instant rhythmic remixing. Think of the Elektron Octatrack and it’s rhythmic sample wrangling and beatslicing, this would now be possible to do within Traktor to a limited degree.

Anyway, this is the gist of my new idea for Traktor. Take a track and add either hot cues/hot cue loops to the 16 step pattern player so that it becomes a sequencer for the playhead instead of for samples. The playhead moves through the sequence either in the beatslicer-like hot cue mode, or in the more song remix-like hot cue loop mode (where the longer loops play out rearrangements of various sections of the track).

I hope I’ve explained this idea correctly and would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on it!



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  • Stevan
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    I had this idea too. What happens when you have say only step 1 enabled and your hot loop is 1 beat loop?

    Does it play only once and then mute the cue or let it play in the loop?

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    This sounds like a great idea. I imagine it wouldn't be difficult for NI to code it.

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