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It would be great to be able to play videos on traktor pro and output the video part to spout using the audio part for the mixing (with A/B fade also used for the video). This could allow all of us desperatly wanting to use our S4 mk3 or other NI mixers (which have a great workflow, super sound, great mixer and FX) to launch visuals. Of course there is the issue of time stretching. Solutions ? Either give as a simple version that do not time strech the video OR implement the dummy simple solution of dropping frames or repeating them to keep syncing.

You have 2 types of shows:

  • Elaborated ones which are kind of pre-programmed/pre-rendered, where the dj will NEVER time stretch because his show is prepared with premixed already synced elements.
  • Run and gun ones were you only use generative automatic adaptative visuals that monitor the audio input.

You can use any controler to achieve the run and gun one (using those cool audio driven video transformation software), but unfortunately, the first kind is not achievable with NI, since NI do not triggers videos. I got my wonderful S4 mk3 and end up using ableton live with live + push though the turntable realm is so much more fun ...

I know that enabling traktor to play videos requests to allow the management of the video mix issues (which could be different from the audio mix and which has no physical control on the S4 mk3 for example), but I think enabling the audio/video mix link fading the video when the audio is faded (in case 2 videos would be played) would already be a huge opportunity for us wanting to master our show 100% from our controler (and we would use the spout out to use the video in another video fx only or video mapping software).

Don't know if this makes sense for anybody out there ... I know it's an old topic.

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