Is Traktor (or any NI program) compatible with Windows on ARM?

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Hi, I just wanted to write this discussion because I want to know if Traktor Pro (or any NI product) works or the Native team is already working on implementing their programs on WoARM.

Lately I'm searching for a laptop that I use for DJing and daily drive. I'm a Windows user and I've seen the huge progress ARM is making in this platform.

Is NI making those progress too? Or the ARM version will be available only for the M processors on macs?


  • Kubrak
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    Well, beside fact that ARM in Win computers is weak, and because of that NI SW would not run well, I guess NI SW does not run on Win ARM.

    I doubt NI will make Win ARM versions anytime soon, as it does not make any sense technicalwise.

    Traktor runs well on Microsoft Surface 7 Pro (i5 CPU). It is sort of Win tablet.

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