Everything disappeared from Native Access - Problem due to izotope account?

Matteo Nahum
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I have since years 2 accounts, one with NI (since Komplete6) and one with a different email for Izotope. Up to yesterday everything was good (I'm on komplete13 collectors + a big bunch of other libraries/licenses) but then I decided to log in to Izotope for reading about their Ozone11. As a result (that's my guessing) now when I log in to Native Access ALL of the libraries that I use daily for my job (including all of Kontakts, Reaktor etc etc) have disappeared and....I cannot work!!! My guess is for some reason NA is pushing me to an account that is the izotope one where I have no purchases with Native Instruments. The weird thing, if I connect with whe NI website I can see all of my licenses regularly but they don't appear anymore in Native Access (of course I'm using same email and password) when I log in. And I'm on a big composing project, so any help is quite needed.


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