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Neil Watcyn-Palmer
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I was running Kontakt,Kontrol and a heap of other expensive packs, plugins, instruments under Native Access on a Windows 10 machine. Then Windows 10 updated to version 21H2 and LO Native Access fails to respond to the login credentials - bad ones - no errors, good ones no reaction.

The VPN is down, the app is run as admin. The app is allowed through the firewall.

The links to the EULA, create new account react as expected.

After closing the app it fails to close properly and leaves residual process in Windows task manage which then block restarting it and trying again.

All other apps work as expected , Ableton, Video editing software, other music creation tools... It is juts NI which is FOOBAR


  • ShelLuser
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    Welcome to the forums, sorry to hear about all this but...

    As cliche as this is going to sound it seems very likely that this is something happening on your end. I come to that conclusion because my Windows is also fully up to date but I am having no issues what so ever with Native Access.

    So... try to rule out possible causes. First things first: what happens when you try to log onto the NI website?

    In specific, this area:

    Can you log on normally, does it show you all the products you have licensed?

    Then... it'll be a drag but what happens when you type out your password manually within Native Access? For example... is it possible that some extra character(s) got mixed up with your password (sometimes this can happen when copying & pasting, sometimes extra spaces can come up behind).

    Because rest assured that this isn't some issue with Native Access... when I fire if up I never have to log on, but just to make sure I just logged out and back on (while copy/pasting my password) and... it just works.

    Hope this can give you some ideas.

  • Simchris
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    Zero issues here on latest March updates to WINDOWS 10 Pro either. The last big update, the one that welcomes you to windows and setup options, did make me login again to all my software panels, which was not unique to native access. But no trouble logging in or running updates in native access.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Neil Watcyn-Palmer some people with similar issues managed to solve it by running NA in a safe mode. Perhaps worth trying that out? Update us how it goes.

    Native Access stuck while installing update

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