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Hello all,

i've been using Traktor for many years to play music at weddings and birthdays. i also pick out a lot of songs that i want to play later, depending on what people want to hear, and of course i also get a lot of song requests. i put these songs then into a wish list, for example. what always bothers me is that i can't drag songs directly from preview player to a playlist. i always have to feed a deck first to drag it from there to a playlist. it shouldn't be a big effort to make it possible to drag songs directly from preview player to a playlist.

Many greetings,


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  • lord-carlos
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    Can you maybe use the "prep list" feature to your advantage in this situation? Find song, preview it and if it fits press the "add selected song to prep list" button.

    Of course it takes the selected song, not the preview song. But no need for mouse.

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