Display flickering on S4MK3, D2, S5 and S8 since updating to Traktor Pro 3.9



  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,061 Expert

    For starters, the new versions of Traktor is using different graphics routines.

    The absolute bare minimum changes to any mod for S4Mk3, D2, S8, S5 is to replace any instance of 'QtGraphicalEffects x.x' with 'Qt5Compat.GraphicalEffects'.

    This may not be enough though, and i haven't seriously tried porting any mod to the newer version. I will try as soon as i am sufficiently content with the latest Traktor Pro 3 iteration.

  • daflux
    daflux Member Posts: 8 Newcomer
    edited September 17

    pls fix this , i wanne add x1 controller at my s4mk3 setup, ,(

  • Fritz
    Fritz Member Posts: 9 Member
    edited September 18

    6 weeks have passed since this was posted. 3.10 has dropped without fix. Any news? Im a pro user and stuck in 3.8.

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